Five Things People Look Forward to 
in Present-Day Parks and Gardens

What do people look forward to in parks and gardens these days? When it used to be a place for gathering and picnic, now people want more. Thus, similar to other things in life, parks have evolved to meet these expectations. Curious much? Here are five things that people look forward to when they go to parks and gardens:

1. Stunning scenic views.

Parks and Gardens: Gunung Mas Agro Tourism at Puncak Pass.

The first thing that draws people is the scenic view of the park and garden. Let it be a view of mountains, forests, valleys, lakes, landscaped gardens, or vast tea plantations.

2. Attractive photo spots. 

Explore beautiful Parks and Gardens in the land of Sunda | #ExploreSunda

In this digital age, where smartphones, digital cameras, and social media are booming, people love to take pictures. Often it is the main reason they come to the parks and gardens. 

Some photo spots are not free, but the ticket's price becomes second, as long as the backgrounds are attractive. Hence, many parks and gardens provide photo props, such as cute or unusual things (umbrellas, swings, bicycles, giant birds nest, etc.). 

One step ahead of these small photo props, some parks design some of their areas to resemble famous places. Farm House Bandung started it by having a look of a European village. Then, it provides European costumes so guests can rent them and take pictures wearing the costumes all over the park. Floating Market Lembang creates a Japanese garden and offers Japanese costumes. The latest one is The Great Asia Africa Lembang that has replicas of famous buildings and landscapes of 7 countries in Asia and Africa. Similar to the other two parks, it offers traditional costumes from those seven countries! You even can ride horses with cowboy attires at De Ranch Lembang and The Ranch Cisarua.

These parks and gardens often have dedicated outdoor photo studios, and their photographers are standing by to take pictures with their DSLR cameras.

Parks and Gardens: Farm House Lembang Bandung.
Parks and Gardens: Kyotoku at Floating Market Lembang Bandung.

3. Food

People used to come to the parks and gardens brought food and drinks to have a picnic there. But now people prefer to buy food and drink in the parks and gardens. It also because many parks and gardens don't allow their visitors to bring any food and drink.

Nasi Timbel, the no. 1 Sundanese food.
Grilled corn, the most popular snack in Lembang Bandung.

4. Fun activities and games in the parks and gardens.

Gone has the day when your children run in the parks and play ball. Today many parks and gardens offer paid activities such as making crafts, playing archery, shooting targets, playing trampoline, and many more. 

Scientia Square Park offers many outdoor activities, such as wall climbing, skateboarding, rollerblading, etc. It even has a paddy field complete with the water buffalo!

Dusun Bambu has a fair-like playground offering various games, such as throwing darts, balls, and rings. But the most eye-catching there is the carousel, which is right in front of the entrance!

Parks and Gardens: Dusun Bambu Lembang Bandung.
Parks and Gardens: Maribaya Hot Spring Resort, Lembang Bandung.
Parks and Gardens: The Ranch at Cisarua, Puncak.
Parks and Gardens: Scientia Square Park in Tangerang.

Kota Mini at Floating Market Lembang offers various professions children can play pretend. Children can become a baker, a scientist, a firefighter, and many more. 

Horse riding is also a popular activity. The main attraction in De Ranch (both in De Ranch Lembang and The Ranch Cisarua, Puncak) is horse riding. Even Cibodas botanical garden offers horse riding near the big pond and the glass house.

Parks and Gardens: Horse riding at Gunung Mas Agro Tourism, Puncak Pass.
Parks and Gardens: ride an ATV at Taman Bunga Nusantara, Cipanas - Puncak.

5. Animal feeding.

Since children love to feed animals, such as rabbits, sheep, fish, and ducks, many parks set up sheep pens, rabbit gardens, fish, and duck ponds.

Parks and Gardens: Feeding a sheep at The Ranch Cisarua, Puncak.
Parks and Gardens: Feeding a bunny at Floating Market Lembang, Bandung.
Parks and Gardens: Feeding a family of ostrich at Lembang Park and Zoo, Bandung.
Parks and Gardens: Feeding a flock of sheep at Farm House Lembang, Bandung.

Are you looking forward to these five features when you visit parks and gardens? Here is the list of parks and gardens in Sunda. Some parks have all these features, some don't, but each is special in its own way.

The list of attractive parks and gardens in Sunda.


Parks and Gardens | 6 Types You Must Explore in Sunda

6 Types of Parks and Gardens You Must Explore in Sunda

Stroll in flower and botanical gardens, enjoy mornings in city parks, or hike through a city forest, all are ready for you to explore. Which one is your favorite pastime? 

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