Floating Market Lembang

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Floating Market Lembang is one of the trending parks in Lembang these days. It offers a place to relax and spend a day with our family to enjoy the cool atmosphere of Lembang, stroll along the park, experience the culinary adventure and play some games.

It has been upgraded and expanded a lot, so here in this page we will tell you about the attractions that already existed since its inception while we put the new attractions in the next page.

Without further ado, let's start to explore Floating Market Lembang!

Exploring Floating Market Lembang


Grand Hotel street no. 33E, Lembang.


Rp. 20,000/person

Rp.10,000/car for the first 3 hours

Opening Hours:

Mon-Thu: 9am-7pm

Fri-Sun: 8am-8pm

Similar to other parks in Lembang, we have to pay the entrance fee at the parking lot. Then, we exchange it with a welcome drink such as coffee, chocolate latte or ice tea.

The majority of this park is a lake, which is beautifully landscaped. People love to take pictures in front of this lake since it is one of the best photo locations in this park. If we look further uphill, we will see Boscha Observatory in the background.

Next, we can choose to walk around the lake or pay the ticket for riding a small boat to cross the lake. The boat will take us directly to the floating market, i.e. the foodcourt. Each food stall is in a small boat tied up to the dock. However, the guests dine-in on the allocated space on the ground with many rows of tables and benches. Hence, it is not literally a floating market such as the ones in Thailand or Kalimantan.

Floating Market Lembang.

We also can reach the floating market by strolling around the lake to the left from the lobby. We will pass several pavilions for group gatherings as well as small restaurants. Then, don’t forget to take a look of the stone garden. The landscape is a beautiful combination of plants and stones.

Foodcourt at Floating Market Lembang
Boats at Floating Market Lembang
Stone Garden at Floating Market Lembang

In addition to the various meals offered at the food court, eateries are scattered all over the park. Many of them are traditional meals and/or snacks.

For some people, a holiday is not perfect without shopping. Thankfully there are several shops in this park. Some of them sell traditional toys and local handicrafts, and one big factory outlet in front of Kota Mini.

Shopping in Floating Market Lembang.
The factory outlet at Floating Market Lembang.

Feeding animals is one of the most favorite attractions in Floating Market Lembang. You can choose to feed rabbits, fish, swans, sheep or all of them :)

The rabbit garden is beautifully landscaped complete with burrows. Many rabbits roam here. Once we buy the ticket, we get carrots then we are set to feed these cute rabbits. 

Although the sheep are smelly, children still love to feed them with carrots :)

Rabbit Garden at Floating Market Lembang
Feeding the rabbit at Rabbit Garden - Floating Market Lembang.
The sheep feeding time, which is at all time :) in Floating Market Lembang.

Other animals that we can feed in this park are swans and fish. We only need to buy the fish food in front of each pond. Unfortunately, the swans didn’t bait for the food we threw. We might be luckier with the fish, but the fish are so small, so we are not really interested in feeding them. But, the fish pond is located inside a beautiful garden, one of the favorite spots for selfies!

Floating Market Lembang
Feeding the swans at Floating Market Lembang
Visitors are not allowed to feed this Luwak, but it is happily munching the carrot from the staff.

We also can play some games here such as fishing, small flying fox, and riding becak, boat or train. Unfortunately, there is not any one day ticket for all of the games, we have to buy them individually. So, at the end of the day it might be over your budget.

Fish pond at Floating Market Lembang.
Train ride at Floating Market Lembang.

The free game we can do here is walking on bamboo stilts (egrang). They are lining up at a wall. We could just borrow and try walking with it, but don’t forget to return them back to their place :) One thing for sure: although they are the short ones, it is very difficult to use them without lots of practice.

Next, check out the paddy field at the corner of this park. It was set up like a real one, complete with the hut and scarecrows: one is the traditional scarecrow, but others are Cepot, the red face Sundanese puppet (wayang golek)!

A Scarecrow at Floating Market Lembang
Play Egrang at Floating Market Lembang
Cepot as Scarecrow at Floating Market Lembang

Floating Market Lembang is easy to reach. The address are Jalan Grand Hotel no. 33E, Lembang. The GPS coordinates are 6°49'05.0"S 107°37’04.8”E. You will not miss it, since the sign are prominent and it is on the left side of the road from downtown Lembang to Bandung.


Visit #FloatingMarketLembang and explore #RainbowGarden #KotaMini #Kyotoku | #ExploreSunda

Floating Market Lembang has been upgraded and extended. The new attractions that instantly become favorites among visitors are:

  • The Rainbow Garden
  • Kyotoku
  • Kota Mini
  • Swimming Pool

Explore these new attractions in Floating Market Lembang here...

Being in highland with great weather, Lembang is famous for offering many outdoor activities. It has many great parks such as Dusun Bambu, De Ranch, and Cihanjuang Butterfly Garden, as well as the famous crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

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Puncak Pass.
Green Canyon, Pangandaran.
Pasir Putih (White Sandy beach) - Pangandaran.
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