Bandung Shopping Guide
The Top 11 Malls in Bandung

Ready to go shopping in #Bandung? Here's the list of The Top 11 shopping malls in Bandung | Find out things to do, cuisines to dine, and items to buy in each mall. | #ExploreSunda

Bandung shopping malls play an essential role in this city because Bandung is famous as the city of shopping paradise. 

Shopping malls used to be a place to buy something, but now they transform into entertainment centres for the whole family. Today it is common to spend a whole day at malls. People spend so much time in malls to do shopping, watch movies, dine-in, play in game arcade, and hang out. Some malls have an ice rink, gyms, indoor theme park, and mini petting zoo.

Bandung shopping malls are scattered all over the city, so to help you decide where to go, here is the list of Top Eleven Bandung Shopping Malls and short reviews of what you could find in each mall. Cheers!

1. Trans Studio Mall (TSM)

Trans Studio Mall (TSM), Bandung.

Bandung shopping guide will start with Trans Studio Mall (TSM), the largest mall in Bandung. The location is on Gatot Subroto street. Initially, the name of this mall was Bandung Super Mall (BSM). It changed its name when it introduced Trans Studio complex, where Trans Studio Mall, Trans Studio Bandung, and the 2 hotels: Ibis Bandung Hotel and Trans Luxury Hotel are integrated. 

Trans Studio Mall is built as an entertainment centre in Bandung, meaning everyone can have fun here, either shopping, hangout, watch movies in cinemas, or play in the indoor theme park.

You can go shopping at Metro department store or in more than 200 specialty stores, many carry international branded items.

If you want to hang out with friends, you can spend some time in the coffee shops, such as Starbucks or Coffee Beans, or have lunch or dinner in the restaurants that are scattered in this mall. However, most of the restaurants and the food court now is located at the second floor, near the entrance to Trans Studio Bandung, cinemas and convention centre.

Trans Studio Bandung Theme Park is the second indoor theme park in Indonesia. It offers 20 rides, all are indoor. They are divided into 3 zones: Studio Central, Lost City and Magic Corner. 

With all of Trans Studio Mall offers, no wonder the traffic is very heavy during weekends, especially long weekends and school holidays. Therefore, I recommend to come early (the mall opens at 10am), or stay at one of the two hotels if you plan to stay overnight in Bandung.

2. Paris Van Java Mall (PVJ)

Ice Skating Rink at Paris Van Java Mall - Bandung

Bandung Shopping Guide continues to another good place to hangout in Bandung: Paris Van Java Mall. The location of PVJ is on Sukajadi street, exit at Pasteur if you use the toll road. 

PVJ is a 4 storey mall, but half of it is underground. Most of the restaurants and cafes are located in the front yard, hence, you can enjoy the open air. Therefore, it's better you come here on late afternoon until evening when the sun is not so intense and the cool winds blow.

What if you arrive here in the hot afternoon? Well, there are still many things you can do here. Skating on the ice rink during a hot afternoon will be very tempting, the ice rink is on the first floor. You also can watch movies at the cinemas. Or, you can go shopping at Sogo department store or many specialty shops, selling from clothes to glasses, household wares to gadgets, many are branded items. You also can shop at Carrefour supermarket or buy books at Gramedia book store. 

Personally, I don't really like walking around in this mall, since most of the floors are below the ground level. The ground level itself is nice, the corridors are covered with transparent roof, hence, there are lots of open air during daylight, a bit too warm though and too dark after sunset.

The first level is on the rooftop of this mall. It is the location of the one and only ice skating rink in Bandung. Therefore, it is crowded during weekends and school holiday, especially in the afternoon. It's better to come early (it opens at 10AM). If you need a coach, they start at 11AM.

Other entertainments on this floor are the miniature farm and the bird park. Children will have fun in the miniature farm, where they can feed goats, calfs, sheep and rabbits. They also can feed various birds in the miniature bird park in front of the ice rink. Unfortunately, the ticket price for each of these attractions is quite expensive.

Paris Van Java Mall is one of the favorite mall in Bandung. The traffic around this mall is always congested during weekends, not to mention the difficulties to find a vacant parking lot. 

3. Istana Plaza (IP)

The next in the list for Bandung shopping mall is Istana Plaza. This mall is smaller than the first two malls I describe above. The location is at the corner of Pajajaran and Pasirkaliki street, which is in the heart of Bandung, near Husein Sastranegara airport as well as Bandung railway station. Unfortunately, the parking lot is limited, therefore, I prefer to come here during weekdays.

The concept of Istana Plaza is one stop family shopping mall. We will find Matahari department store, Gramedia book stores, Electronic Solution and Giant supermarket here. In addition there are many specialty stores such as boutiques, jewelry stores, toys, etc.

Your children will love to play in the game arcade named Game Master. It has two locations, in the highest floor and in the first floor for young children.

There are many restaurants here as well as a food court with various style: Chinese, Japanese, Western, and Sundanese foods, from international franchise such as Mc Donald, Pizza Hut, Baskin Robbins to the local cuisines are all here.

4. Living Plaza - Paskal

The list in Bandung shopping guide continues to the relatively new mall in Bandung: Living Plaza. It is right across Istana Plaza, at the corner of Pajajaran and Pasir Kaliki Street. Since it belongs to Kawan Lama Group, the main tenants are ACE Hardware, Informa, and Toys Kingdom. Similar to other malls, Living Plaza has a food court and plenty of restaurants to indulge your appetite :)

5. 23 Paskal Mall

23 Paskal Mall - Bandung
Amped Trampolin at 23 Paskal Mall - Bandung
23 Paskal Mall - Bandung

Next on the list of Bandung shopping mall is another new mall in Bandung, which is 23 Paskal. This mall is a 3 stories building packed with varieties of stores (from adult and children clothing, bags, shoes, baby stores, toys, etc), restaurants, food court and food kiosks (from western, to various Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Thais and Indonesian), games (Game Master, Miniapolis, and Amped Trampoline), and cgv cinema. It means entertainment for the whole family!

Since 23 Paskal is located in the center of Paskal Hypersquare, another entertainment you can find here is the culinary adventure. There are literally hundreds kind of food you can eat here, either inside the mall, in Hypersquare food court behind the mall, and in the shop houses scattered all over the complex. You will be absolutely spoiled :)

6. Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk)

Bandung Shopping Guide continues to Ciwalk, which is located at Cihampelas street, the most famous Bandung shopping for jeans clothing and apparels. 

In my opinion the concept of this mall is to have fun and hangout in the park, where the main building is not so big, but surrounded by trees and pedestrian walks as well as lots of benches to relax in the park. Therefore, many cafes have open air areas facing the pedestrian walk, make them a cozy place for hangout.

There are 150 tenants in this mall consisting of stores, cafes, restaurant, game center, karaoke, cinemas, playground and a food court.

Another unique characteristic of Ciwalk you can not find in other malls in Bandung is that it allows you to bring your pet in the park as well as inside the mall.

7. Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP)

The next mall in Bandung shopping guide is the first mall in Bandung: Bandung Indah Plaza. The location is right in the heart of the city, at the busy Merdeka street. This mall is connected to Aryaduta hotel, one of the five star hotels in this city.

Bandung Indah Plaza has approximately 200 tenants, including Matahari department store and Hypermart supermarket, as well as many specialty stores. In addition, you can entertain yourself by watching movies in cinemas or play game in the game arcade here.

Festival Citylink Mall - Bandung

Presently, Bandung shopping malls are scattered all over the city. One of them is Festival Citylink, targeting people who live in western part of Bandung. The location of this mall is at Peta street.

The anchor tenants of this mall are Matahari department store, Gramedia book store and Lotte supermarket. ACE hardware and Toys Kingdom also opened their stores here. This mall has many specialty shops on fashion and apparels as well as gadgets. In addition, it has many restaurants, bakeries and a food court. Children can have fun at the game arcade or even take a ride on miniature train circling the mall.

Festival Citylink is connected to two hotels: Harris and Pop hotel. The location is convenient for travellers who want to explore the southern and western part of Bandung.

9. Yogya Department Store

Grand Yogya Department Store - Bandung

Yogya is the biggest chain department store in the land of Sunda. It started in Bandung and now has expanded to many towns, mainly in West Java. 

There are three main stores in Bandung: the first store at Sunda street, the largest one in the corner of Kepatihan and Dewi Sartika street, and Riau Junction in the corner of LLRE Martadinata (also known as Riau) and Trunojoyo street. They are one of a kind since it's different from going to the mall where there are many stores and restaurants in one building, while here there is only one store for the whole building!

Each store sell fashion products such as clothes, apparel, and cosmetics, carrying local, national, and international brands. Their supermarket is usually on the top floor. Tired of shopping? You can dine in the foodcourt and children can play in the games arcade, both are located on the top floor. 

You even can find Yogya Department Store in big malls such as Cihampelas Walk. Yogya also owns Griya, the smaller version of Yogya, emphasizes more on the supermarket and Yomart, the mini market. So, when you go sightseeing in Bandung, you will see them everywhere.

10. Kings Shopping Centre

Number ten in our list of Bandung shopping mall is an old yet it is a new mall. Many people consider it as a legendary mall in Bandung. It was burnt down several times but fortunately it was rebuilt again and again. The last fire occurred in 2014, then it was completely rebuilt and finally the new modern mall of Kings Shopping Center was opened in mid 2019.

There are three entrances to Kings, two at Kepatihan street and one at Dalem Kaum street. This mall is known for its textile merchandises: many types of fabric for party dresses, men and women formal suits, or cotton for bedsheets. Some sellers also provide tailor service.

Today the new Kings comprises eight floors. In addition to textile, there are many ready-to-wear fashions, apparels, and household merchandises. It also has many restaurants, a foodcourt, game centre, and cinemas to entertain the whole family :) 

11. Bandung Trade Center (BTC)

Bandung Trade Center (BTC) Fashion Mall

Bandung shopping guide continues to the Fashion Mall of Bandung Trade Center. The location of BTC is at Dr. Djundjunan street, the popular name of this area is Pasteur. It is near the entrance to Pasteur toll gate.

The theme of Bandung Trade Center is Fashion Mall. Hence, BTC is full with small shops selling everything related to fashions, such as clothes, especially women and kids clothes, bags, and accesorries. Most of them are not branded. The price and product quality is standard. 

In addition to the fashion shops, there are several restaurants, a food court, a supermarket, book stores, a game arcade, paid playground and a hotel that is connected to the mall. What is really interesting is that I found a music sheet store here, which is a rare shop in Bandung.

Bandung Shopping Guide: Alternative Shoppings

Instead of going to the malls, Bandung has many other options of shopping. You should try shopping at:

  • Factory Outlets - As a pioneer in launching factory outlet type of stores, there are a lot of factory outlets scattered all over Bandung.
  • Pasar Baru - You will find a different level of shopping in Pasar Baru, since it is the most well known wholesale market for clothes, fabrics and apparels in Bandung.
  • Souvenir shops for hunting souvenirs that are uniquely Sunda.
  • Snack shops for shopping Bandung's popular snacks such as tempe and oncom chips, pisang bolen (rolled banana) and brownies.

More than just a city for shopping, Bandung and its surrounding has many outstanding places of interests. Some of them are:

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