Travel to Jakarta

To travel to Jakarta, either for the first time or the hundredth time, you will always have something new to see and do. So here I am going to assist you in knowing Jakarta even more :)

First, let's start with the general information, the frequently asked questions about Jakarta, such as the weather, time, location, population, etc. Read the facts about Jakarta here ...

Then, we continue to the history of Jakarta. Do you know the name had been changing several times?  Continue reading the history of Jakarta here ...

Travel to Jakarta: get on the plane, train, or car?

To travel to Jakarta, what would be your preferred mode of transportations?

1. Airplanes

Since Indonesia is an archipelago, the most common way to travel to Jakarta, especially from other countries, is to catch a plane. Find out about flights to Jakarta and the international airports ...

2. Trains

A train trip is a fun way to explore places. Jakarta has three types of train:

Each type of train is slightly different in how to purchase tickets, seat arrangements, and schedules.  

3. Cars

A road trip is always a fun way to explore Sunda. Of course, renting a car is much more comfortable and convenient, but getting on a bus (or a shuttle bus) is more economical. Presently, the toll road has connected the western tip of Java in Merak to Probolinggo in East Java. These toll roads make it easier and faster to reach many destinations all over Java.

4. Ships

Jakarta has two seaports in the north. The busiest seaport is Tanjung Priok, while Marina Ancol is much smaller and intended for yachts and speedboats.

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Travel to Jakarta? find the information on frequently asked questions, history, preferred mode of transportations to travel to Jakarta, and how to get around Jakarta | #ExploreSunda
Travel to Jakarta? find the information on frequently asked questions, history, preferred mode of transportations to travel to Jakarta, and how to get around Jakarta | #ExploreSunda

Eight ways to getting around Jakarta 

When you arrive in a city new to you, do you like to explore it by yourself? If so, here are tips on how you are getting around Jakarta. Don't worry; it is easy. 

Below are the eight public transportations you can use to explore Jakarta. Keep switching from one to another, and you might beat the infamous Jakarta traffic :)

1. Car rental

2. Taxi

3. Ride-hailing app: Gojek & Grab 

4. Commuter Line 

5. Airport train

6. TransJakarta Bus 

7. Jakarta Explorer, the free city tour bus

8. MRT

9. LRT

and one final tip on how to pay for Jakarta's public transportations tickets using e-ticketing.

Click here to read the full story of getting around Jakarta.

Now you have some general information about Jakarta, travel to Jakarta, and getting around Jakarta. Next, find out what things to do in Jakarta!

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