Sundanese Folklores

Folklores are always be parts of any culture in the world, including Sunda. 

For centuries Sundanese folklores are existed and known but most of them are verbally told by bards during ceremonies and gathering. Hence, each story has several versions, depending on who told it. Much later on, scholars started to preserve them by writing them down, but the variations are still there.

There are many types of folklores known in Sunda. The most popular one is called sasakala, or legend in English. It is called sasakala if the story is believed to be occured in the past, but it is not sacred. Another type of Sundanese folklore is called babad, which is a story that is related to a history. Usually babad depicts somebody heroism, bravery and supernatural power. Many of these folklores are composed as Pantun Sunda. 

Pantun Sunda is an oral narrative performance that lasts for hours, often through the night. The bard will narrate, sing, and play kacapi alternately. 

Originally, the story had a sacred character, hence, the bard would begin the performance with offerings to the divine. The story is started with rajah pamuka, the introductory part of Pantun Sunda. It is an invocation to ask for permission and protection from the divine. Then it continues to the content, which is a combination of description, narration, monolog and dialog.  Finally, the bard will end it with rajah pamunah to thank the divine.

Although how to create Pantun Sunda is not strictly determined, many are told in octosyllabic verse (eight syllables in one row).

Nowadays, Pantun Sunda is rarely performed, due to the many modern entertainments. But these folklores will be known forever through other medias such as books and websites, including posts in Therefore, here is the list of the most famous and popular folklores in Sunda and some other regions in Indonesia:

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Read the all time favorite #folklores from #Sunda | Sangkuriang, Karang Nini and Bale Kambang, Ciung Wanara, Lutung Kasarung, Situ Patenggang, Telaga Warna | #ExploreSunda
Read the all time favorite folklores from Sunda: Sangkuriang, Ciung Wanara, Lutung Kasarung, Karang Nini, and more.. | #ExploreSunda



Sangkuriang - pinterest

The legend of Sangkuriang is the most famous Sundanese folklore. The story is about the origin of mount Tangkuban Perahu and Bandung basin. Since both places are well known, people easily relate the story to the setting.

Click here to read The Legend of Sangkuriang …

Nini Anteh

Nini Anteh lives on the moon | A Sundanese folklore.

Nini Anteh is Sundanese folklore that used to be told when families gathering in the yard to enjoy the full moon. She was called Nini Anteh because when you look up to the full moon, you will see some darker spots that look like an old lady is weaving accompanied by her cat. 

Continue reading to find out how did she get to the moon ...

Ciung Wanara

Exiled since a baby, Ciung Wanara returned to Galuh Kingdom to avenge his parents and take his right as King Manarah of Galuh Kawali. Read the legend of Ciung Wanara here...

This legend entwined with the history of kingdoms in Sunda. Ciung Wanara was the alias of King Manarah from Galuh kingdom. Read the history of Ciung Wanara / King Manarah here ...

Years later, the story continued to the descendant of Ciung Wanara: his daughter Purba Sari. The love story of princess Purba Sari is retold in the story of Lutung Kasarung.

Lutung Kasarung

The legend of Lutung Kasarung.

Originally the story of Lutung Kasarung was told in the form of Pantun Sunda. It is a story of a god disguised as a langur to find his dream girl on earth. 

Who is his dream girl? Read the adventure of Lutung Kasarung here …

Karang Nini and Bale Kambang

The legend of Karang Nini and Bale Kambang

From Galuh kingdom in Ciamis we move further south to Pangandaran. This most favorite beach in Sunda has a true love story to tell, which the wedding vows of "to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish", becomes forever.

Read the legend of Karang Nini and Bale Kambang here ...

Situ Bagendit

The legend of Situ Bagendit originated from a tranquil lake near Garut. It is as story of a rich and stingy widow named Nyi Bagendit who was never grateful of her wealth. Read the full story of Situ Bagendit ...

Telaga Warna

Spoiling your children is wrong. That's the underlying moral in this story. But how is spoiling children can become a lake? Read the legend of Telaga Warna here ...

Batu Cinta - The Legend of Situ Patenggang

Situ Patenggang - icon

Batu Cinta in Situ Patenggang is another love story in the Sundanese folklores. The legend is based on the love story between Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis. Continue reading the legend of Situ Patenggang here ...

A folklore from Sumedang: The legend of Mount Tampomas

The legend of Mount Tampomas is the story of a King who cared about his people so much. Continue reading this story to find out what he was willing to sacrifice to help his people ...

Folklores beyond the land of Sunda

Roro Jonggrang

The Legend of Roro Jonggrang.

Roro Jonggrang is a famous legend from Central Java. The story was about a beautiful princess who was cursed into a statue of a Hindu Goddess, Durga. For many years this folktale has been shadowing the existence of Candi Sewu, Candi Prambanan, and Ratu Boko. Read the story of the cursed princess Roro Jonggrang here ...

The legend of Keong Emas

The legend of Keong Emas, famous folklore from East Java.

Keong Emas is famous folklore from East Java. It inspired the first IMAX theater in Indonesia: the Keong Mas IMAX Theater in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah and its Taman Legenda Keong Mas (the legend of Keong Mas garden in English).

It is a love triangle story, where true love conquered deceit, hatred, and jealousy.

Read the full story of Keong Emas here ...

Stories are not exclusively belonged to folklores. A trip to Kota Tua Jakarta will reveal many incredible stories in the historical buildings there. The many museums in Sunda also provide many amazing histories. Check them out! 

Kota Tua Jakarta - icon
Museum Sejarah Jakarta - icon
Museum Wayang - icon
Museums in Indonesia.

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