Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas, the most joyous season of the year has come. Let’s explore how we celebrate it in Sunda :)

Christmas Tradition

In addition to churches' rituals, Christians also celebrate this season with some traditions. Some of them are:

The first christmas tradition is decorating a christmas tree.

The Christians start the season with 4 weeks of advent to prepare us for the birth of Jesus. Hence, churches are not decorated with christmas trees and ornaments until Christmas eve.

However, public places such as hospitals, schools, especially shopping malls, usually are already decorated beforehand. Not surprisingly, this year some malls did an early start by decorating and selling Christmas ornaments as early as the end of October!

Nowadays, most Christmas trees are not the real pine trees. These artificial trees are not only in traditional green but also in white, purple, even black :) Where can we buy them?

  1. Shopping Malls. Although most of the shopping malls offer christmas ornaments, we, at, recommends to go to ACE, especially the one at Living World Mall and Metro Department Store for complete range of christmas decorations. Every year they have new theme for these christmas decorations. The only drawback is the price is relatively more expensive. Fortunately, they always offer the post season sale, where we can buy them with a steep discounted price. We just need to be patient to hang them on next year's christmas tree :)
  2. Mangga Dua Mall in Jakarta or shops in jalan Cibadak, Bandung. Since they are wholesaler, we can buy them at lower price compared to the ones in shopping malls. However, it is difficult to find something unique here.

Speaking of uniqueness, how do you feel about handmade Christmas tree? We can pour out our creativity by creating a hand made Christmas tree. I have seen Christmas trees made of Lego, wrap papers, tissue papers, plastic glasses, and a tree full of pictures of a hospital staffs.

Christmas Tree at Living World Mall
Snowman at Immanuel Hospital
Christmas Tree at Immanuel Hospital

Another important Christmas decoration is the Christmas nativity scene, representing the birth of Jesus.

The second Christmas tradition is family gathering, either to go to church together or dinner with the whole family, followed by gift exchange. Usually we put presents under the Christmas tree.

Christmas Shopping

Visiting shopping mall during Christmas season is always fun. They are fully decorated with Christmas ornaments and play Christmas songs all day long. The most interesting part is every mall competes to offer the most attractive events. Since Indonesia is a tropical country, Christmas takes place during rainy season. Hence, the snow, Santa Claus, Santa village and white Christmas are always the most favorite chosen theme.

What's special in 2017?
This year some malls combines the holiday seasons with children's popular characters, such as Shaun the Sheep in Mall @ Alam Sutera, Disney's Tsum Tsum Christmas village in Pacific Place Mall. Baywalk Mall introduces electrical giant dancing polar bear from Europe, while Central Park keeps its giant Christmas whimsical tree, which at 38 meters had been recorded by MURI as the tallest Christmas tree.

On the other hand, some other malls keep the tradition of Christmas carol, choir competition, and Santa Claus photo sessions.

Since Christmas and New Year is only one week away, many people celebrate either one of the event or both. Thus, one thing every mall has in common is the midnight sale. Usually it starts from 8PM until midnight, where we can get significant discounts during this event. But some of the sale extends to all day long instead of specific hours.

So, Christmas shopping can be a fun event for everyone :)

Christmas is a season of great joy: a time for remembering the past,
cherish the present and hoping for the future.
Thus, we, from, wish you:

Merry Christmas

May all the peace and joy of Christmas be with us all

> Merry Christmas