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Tangerang Selatan, also known as TangSel (South Tangerang in English), is a city that was established in 2008. Previously, it was part of the Tangerang Regency. Being located only 30 kilometers from Jakarta, many of its residents commute to work.

South Tangerang is a rapidly growing city that constantly develops new public facilities and infrastructures. Although it doesn't have many historical sites, it has plenty of modern attractions. We, ExploreSunda.com, have compiled a list of things to do in South Tangerang, so let's discover them all!

Enjoy The City Parks

City Parks in Tangerang Selatan

Tangerang Selatan boasts several city parks, each with its own unique theme. You can choose between planted forests, lakes, or gardens. Most of them offer free entry.

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Shopping in Tangerang Selatan

Shopping Malls in Tangerang Selatan.Shopping malls in Tangerang Selatan offer more than just shopping. You can enjoy go-karting, ice skating, exploring aquariums, feeding koi, participating in cooking classes, and many other activities.

As a newly developed city surrounded by housing complexes, TangSel has several shopping malls built to cater to the residents' needs. These malls are similar to those found in Jakarta in terms of grandeur. You will find many branded shops there. Nowadays, malls are more than just shopping centers. They offer a range of facilities such as restaurants, food courts serving various cuisines, beauty salons, game arcades, ice skating rinks, gyms, and even courses like English language and coding. They also have scenic gardens that attract many visitors to take a leisurely stroll and beautiful koi ponds.

Shopping malls in South Tangerang are located in four prominent residential areas: Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City, Alam Sutera, Bintaro Jaya, and Gading Serpong, which includes Summarecon and Paramount Serpong residences.

Explore Scientia Square Park

Scientia Square Park, the park at the heart of Summarecon Serpong

Located at the heart of the Summarecon-Paramount Serpong residences, Scientia Square Park offers a variety of outdoor activities such as wall climbing, skateboarding, in-line skating, feeding rabbits and fish, learning about the metamorphosis of butterflies, or simply playing with water and swinging by gravity.

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Climb Some Walls in Bremgra

Wall Climbing at Bremgra, Tangerang Selatan

Bremgra is an indoor climbing facility in Tangerang Selatan that offers wall climbing opportunities for both adults and children. While many of the walls here are challenging, you will find some that are more entertainment-focused. If climbing is not your thing, try the electric go-kart racing instead.

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Visit Palagan Lengkong Monument

Monumen Palagan Lengkong – loosely translated as the Monument of Battlefield in Lengkong – is nestled amidst BSD City, right next to the golf course. It consists of a wall that narrates the historical event and commemorates the heroes who lost their lives that day. Adjacent to the monument stands an old house that served as a Japanese military base during the event.

It was January 25, 1946, five months after the first Indonesian President Soekarno declared the country's independence. The situation in Indonesia was still unstable. Many Japanese military personnel were guarding their bases, and KNIL soldiers from the Netherlands were also attempting to infiltrate and regain control over the country. On that day, the seventeen-year-old Major Daan Mogot received orders to disarm Japanese soldiers at the Lengkong base. He brought along seventy cadets from the Militaire Academie Tangerang (MAT), one of the first military academies in Indonesia that he established with his fellow soldiers. Seven Gurkha soldiers accompanied them to demonstrate that it was a formal mission supported by the Allies.

The military base was in a remote area of Lengkong village, encircled by a vast forest of rubber trees. While Major Daan Mogot, First Lieutenant Soebianto Djojohadikusumo, and First Lieutenant Soetopo went to the house designated as the base to negotiate the handover with Captain Abe – the Japanese official in the Lengkong base – the cadets began to gather the weapons.

Without warning, the sound of gunfire erupted, which triggered the shooting massacre. Major Daan Mogot quickly rushed outside to stop the fighting, but he was immediately shot twice, once in the thigh and once in the chest. In response, he grabbed a machine gun lying on the ground and returned fire. In the end, he was shot multiple times by the enemy and died on the spot, along with most of his troops. To this day, no one knows who initiated the first shot or where they came from.

Book Hunting in Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in ICE, BSD City, Tangerang Selatan

Over the years, Big Bad Wolf has become a prominent event for a book sale in the Greater Jakarta area. It doesn't sell books through traditional bookstores. Instead, it holds a bazaar event. Initially, it was held in Jakarta, then moved to a bigger venue in the ICE (International Convention Exhibition) in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City, Tangerang Selatan. In December 2023, Big Bad Wolf held a full month bazaar for the first time at Mall @ Alam Sutera.

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Explore BXSea

Located in the second phase of Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall, BXSea is an oceanarium with 36 exhibits. It soft-launched in mid-December 2023 and is scheduled the grand opening in March 2024.

Besides Tangerang Selatan, the land of Sunda has many more cities and attractive places to explore. For example, the highland of Puncak and the famous Pangandaran Beach :)

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