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Founded in 2008, Tangerang Selatan or shortened as TangSel (South Tangerang in English) is a new city that used to be part of Tangerang regency. Since it is only 30 kilometers to Jakarta, many of its residents commute to work.

Being a new city, South Tangerang is keep growing, including growth in its public facilities and infrastructures. Although it is lack of historical sites, it has plenty of modern things you could indulge in. 

We, at the ExploreSunda.com, put on a list of things to do here. So, let's explore them all!

1. Shopping in Tangerang Selatan

Being a new city surrounded with housing complexes, there are plenty of shopping malls built to cater the residences need. They are similar to shopping malls in Jakarta in terms of the grandeur and branded shops. 

Nowadays, malls are more than just shops. There are plenty of restaurants and food courts serving various meals, beauty salons, game arcade, ice skating, gym even various courses such as English and coding. They also have beautiful gardens that attract many visitors to stroll.

Due to the number of malls in this city, we have split them into two lists, based on the area.

The first list of the shopping malls covered the area of Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City to Summarecon-Paramount Serpong. They are all on the west side of CIsadane river as well as jalan Serpong Raya. Included in this list are:

The second list of the shopping malls are on the east side of jalan Serpong Raya, from Alam Sutera to Bintaro. They are:

2. Do Exercise in City Parks

City Parks in Tangerang Selatan

The city parks in Tangerang Selatan are vary, you could choose from man-made forests, lakes, or gardens. Many provide free accesses.

Check them all the city parks in Tangerang Selatan here ...

3. Visit Scientia Square Park

Scientia Square Park, the park at the heart of Summarecon Serpong

It is located in the heart of Summarecon-Paramount Serpong complex. Scientia is a park where you can do many outdoor activities, such as: wall climbing, skate boarding, in-line skating, feeding the rabbit and fish, learning the metamorphosis of butterflies, or just play with water and swing following the gravity.

Are you interested? Continue reading Scientia Square Park ...

4.  Evolution - Journey of the Earth

Evolution - Journey of the Earth at Summarecon Digital Center (SDC), Tangerang Selatan

It is located in the first floor of Summarecon Digital Center (SDC) mall. This is an entertainment based on the knowledge of earth's evolution. When we mix it with our imagination and expectation, it becomes a fun exploration :)  

Present theme is evolution of the earth, don't know how long will it last before they changed the theme.

So, check out this Evolution - Journey of the Earth before it changes ... 

5. Climb Some Walls in Bremgra

Wall Climbing at Bremgra, Tangerang Selatan

Bremgra is one of the indoor wall climbing facilities in Tangerang Selatan. You can choose between the ordinary wall climbing and fun climbing. You can even race on the electric go-kart here!

Continue reading on Bremgra ...

6. Visit Lengkong Monument

This monument is located in the middle of Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City, right in front of the golf course. The monument itself is in the form of a wall describing the event and the heroes who died that day. Then there is an old house next to the monument. This house was there at the time of the event.

The event took place on January 25, 1946, when Major Daan Mogot led 34 of Indonesian military cadets to disarm Japanese soldiers. They were ambushed without any survivor.

7. Book Hunting with Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in ICE, BSD City, Tangerang Selatan

Big Bad Wolf is a book sale or a book bazaar. It doesn't sell books through traditional book stores, but it arranges a bazaar event, which lasted for 10 full days. Each time it brought millions of books and for the last three years it was held at ICE - International Convention Exhibition, in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City, Tangerang Selatan.

Find out more about Big Bad Wolf Book Sale ...

Have you planned out how you would spend your day in Tangerang Selatan? Next, let's explore more of Sunda: visit the old town of Jakarta, spend a day or two in Puncak or go to Pangandaran beach :)

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