Evolution - Journey of the Earth
at Summarecon Digital Center

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As the name implies, Summarecon Digital Center (SDC) is a mall that focuses on selling digital products such as cameras, smartphones, projectors, modem, tablet and computers. Presently, only few tenants occupy the space in ground floor, while the first floor is re-branded into Learning Lab.

The Learning Lab is the place where we, especially children, can learn how to utilize the digital products. For example, we will find Coding Bee Academy and Engineering for Kids there. 

We also will find an interesting entertainment here. It is called Evolution - Journey of the Earth.

Evolution - Journey of the Earth at Summarecon Digital Center

It is an entertainment based on the knowledge of earth's evolution. When we mix it with our imagination and expectation, it becomes a fun exploration :)

Basically, it is some kind of ride where we walk into a dark room decorated with many accessories to support the storyline.

Present theme is evolution of the earth. The story is described in eleven stages, each has its own room, where we will face light obstacles  to pass them. Each room is connected with a short and a bit hidden corridor. Passing the corridor will reveal the next stage.

The first stage is the universe and our solar system with stars blinking on us. Then we go to the second stage by sliding through the worm hole to reach the earth. Can you guess what kind of worm hole in there? The worm hole is in the shape of a ladder or if you are brave you can slide along the pole like firemen :)


Summarecon Digital Center, 1st floor

Jalan Scientia Boulevard, South Tangerang.

GPS coordinate: 6°15'25.0"S 106°37'00.0"E 

Opening Hours:

10am - 9pm


Mon - Thu Rp. 25,000

Fri - Sun and
National holiday Rp. 35,000

Evolution - Journey of the Earth at Summarecon Digital Center
Evolution - Journey of the Earth at Summarecon Digital Center

Stage three and four is about dinosaurs. We have to crawl inside a hollow trunk and cross two bridges: one is made of planks and the other is made of net while a head of t-rex keep roaring on us!

Next we pass a volcano when it suddenly erupts spreading big tremor. The floor is shaking, so walk tread carefully there!

After that we only need to walk along the path to go through stage six until eight. We will pass a supposedly giant bones,  then go to the next stage to see mysterious plants and walk through a labyrinth of stalagmite.

Stage nine and ten are set up to represent the ice age, where we find a mammoth and an igloo, until the ice melts away so we have to skip to reach the other side.

Finally, we reach the last stage, which displays ancient human who starts to live in the earth.

Evolution - Journey of the Earth at Summarecon Digital Center
Evolution - Journey of the Earth at Summarecon Digital Center
Evolution - Journey of the Earth at Summarecon Digital Center

This journey occurs in a rather small and dimmed rooms connected with dark narrow corridors. Some rooms have element of surprises such as roaring t-rex, suspension bridge, shaking floor, going down on a ladder or pole, climbing or sliding on slopes. It is fun for most people, but if you have any phobia on darkness, small room or height, you'd better reconsider join this ride.

The brochure stated that children under 5 years old are not allowed. In my opinion, senior citizens are also not suitable for this journey due to its physical workout to pass the obstacles.

The journey takes approximately 15 minutes, unless you like it very much and keep going back and forth between those stages. Tired and hungry after the Evolution journey? You can squelch your hunger and thirst at the food court or even better in the many restaurants on the ground floor. They are located outside SDC building, between the Summarecon Digital Center mall and Scientia Square Park. 

As a new city, Tangerang Selatan keeps growing and adding new places of interests. One of them is the Scientia Square Park adjacent to SDC. If you like outdoors, Tangerang Selatan has several city parks you can explore. The city also has many shopping malls, each with its own characteristic. 

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