Situ Patenggang Bandung

Situ Patenggang Bandung, also known as Situ Patengan, is a serene and stunning lake in Ciwidey, approximately 47 km south of Bandung. Nestled in the highlands with an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level, it has a cool climate, making it an ideal location for tea plantations.

All the hills surrounding the lake are draped in lush greenery of tea plantations, stretching as far as the eye can see. Situ Patenggang lies in the center of this breathtaking scenery, with its emerald-green waters shimmering in the sunlight. Together with the pine forest, they create a calming and mesmerizing view, which is the main attraction of Situ Patenggang Bandung.

Situ Patenggang - a serene lake draped in lush greenery of tea plantations - Photo courtesy of D. MulyadiSitu Patenggang - a serene lake draped in lush greenery of tea plantations - Photo courtesy of D. Mulyadi

According to B. Brahmantyo in his book "Wisata Bumi Cekungan Bandung," Situ Patenggang Bandung used to be a caldera of a primordial mountain from the Early Pleistocene. This is evidenced by the circular shape of the lake and some basaltic lava stones that can be partially seen on the surface.

Fun Activities in Situ Patenggang Bandung

Are you ready for a fun-filled day at Situ Patengan? This stunning lake offers various activities that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

As you take in the breathtaking view of Situ Patenggang, don't forget to snap some photos. Its scenic view has always been a favorite among photographers, especially during the early morning when a thin mist covers the surface.

Another favorite activity is having a picnic by the Situ Patenggang. The cool weather and fresh air make for a pleasant experience. Although there are no picnic tables, you can bring a large picnic mat and find a nice spot on the lakebank. If you don't want to pack your own food, there are vendors selling light meals such as grilled corn and instant noodles nearby.

Boats at Situ Patengan - Ciwidey, Bandung
Situ Patengan - Ciwidey, Bandung

If you're looking for more adventure, rent a boat to circle the lake or explore Pulau Asmara in the middle of the lake. For a more active experience, try circling the lake with a pedal boat :)

And if you're a camping enthusiast, you will love the serene surroundings of the camping ground. The stunning view and the peaceful surroundings will leave you feeling rejuvenated. However, it can get chilly, especially at night, so don't forget to bring a warm jacket.

So what are you waiting for? Come and experience the magic of Situ Patengan for yourself!

The Legend of Situ Patenggang Bandung

Things to do in Bandung: explore Situ Patenggang a.k.a. Situ Patengan in Ciwidey Bandung | Tips to travel to Situ Patenggang | Read the legend of Situ Patenggang | #ExploreSunda #SituPatenggang

Situ is a word in the Sundanese language that means "lake." Patengan and Patenggang are also derived from the Sundanese language, "pateang-teang," which means looking for each other. This name is based on a famous Sundanese legend about the love story of Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis (Dewi means goddess in English). Since this legend has been passed down verbally over the years, it has developed into several versions.

In the first version, the story was about the love between Raden Kian Santang, the son of Prabu Siliwangi – the king of the Pajajaran Kingdom in the fifteenth century, and Dewi Rengganis, a goddess. Something happened that made them separated, but their love was so strong that they kept seeking each other until they met again at Batu Cinta (the Love Stone in English) in Situ Patengan. 

The second version provided more detailed background on Dewi Rengganis and how they were separated. In this version, Ki Santang was the son of Prabu Siliwangi, who was married to Dewi Rengganis, a commoner. They were deeply in love, but a war broke out, and Ki Santang had to leave for the battlefield, leaving his wife in the palace. It was a long and grueling war, so Ki Santang couldn't return home for an extended period. Although information on her husband's whereabouts was scarce, Dewi Rengganis waited patiently in the palace until one day, she was inspired to meditate in the forest and pray for her husband's safe return. 

Finally, Ki Santang returned home, but he couldn't find his wife. When he was told that Dewi Rengganis was meditating in the forest, Ki Santang immediately went after her. On the other hand, when Dewi Rengganis heard the news that her husband was on his way to the palace, she hastily returned home. During their rush to meet each other, they kept missing each other until they finally met at the Batu Cinta (the Love Stone in English).

These two versions of the legend had the same happy ending. The story continued with the celebration of their reunion when Dewi Rengganis asked Ki Santang to build a lake and a boat in that area, which is now known as Situ Patenggang or Situ Patengan. According to the legend, the boat became a tiny island in the middle of the lake. Since the shape of this tiny island looks like a heart, people call it Pulau Asmara (Amour Island in English). This island is also known as Pulau Sasaka, which means "sacred" in Sundanese.

Based on these two versions of the legend, lovers who visit Batu Cinta (Love Stone) and circle Pulau Asmara (Amour Island) will have everlasting love.

Batu Cinta on the bank of Situ Patenggang, where lovers allegedly meet.Batu Cinta on the bank of Situ Patenggang, where lovers allegedly meet.

The third version of the Situ Patengan legend had a different angle in explaining why the lake was called Situ Patenggang. According to this version, once in a while, the ancestors stretched a thread across the lake to drain it, a practice known as "ngabedah situ." They did this to clean or search for something in the lake, which is how the name "Patengan" came about. The Sundanese phrase for stretching a thread is "bola dipanteng," which eventually transformed into patengan. 

Early morning in Situ Patenggang Bandung, where fishermen were busy net fishing. Photo courtesy of D. Mulyadi.Early morning in Situ Patenggang Bandung, where fishermen were busy net fishing. Photo courtesy of D. Mulyadi.

New in Situ Patenggang Bandung: Glamping Lake Side Rancabali

Pinisi Resto at Glamping Lake Side Rancabali, Situ Patenggang

Today, there are two places of interest in Situ Patenggang Bandung. One is the Situ Patenggang we mentioned on this page, and the other is the newer Glamping Lake Side Rancabali.

Glamping Lake Side Rancabali is a luxurious camping resort and restaurant on the other side of Situ Patenggang. It is easy to be spotted due to its boat-shaped restaurant. Although these two places have separate entrances, you can rent a boat from Situ Patenggang to Glamping Lakeside.

Read more on Glamping Lake Side Rancabali ...

Where is Situ Patenggang Bandung?

Situ Patenggang, also known as Situ Patengan, is a beautiful lake in Ciwidey, Bandung. The GPS coordinates are 7°10'00.5"S 107°21'27.2" E (-7.166803, 107.357544). Thanks to the Soroja toll road, traveling time from Bandung to Ciwidey is much shorter nowadays. The start of this toll road is at km. 132 of Purbaleunyi (Purwakarta - Bandung - Cileunyi) toll road. To reach Situ Patenggang, simply follow Soroja toll road until the end, then look for the road signs to Ciwidey and continue your journey to Situ Patengan.

Opening Hours:



Domestic: Rp.25,000
Foreigner: Rp.185,000

Pedal Boat: Rp.40,000
Motor Boat: Rp.20,000/person or Rp.150,000/boat

Situ Patenggang Bandung is a favorite family vacation destination in Sunda due to its beautiful scenery and proximity to Bandung. As a result, it can get very crowded on Sundays and national holidays, especially during the Eid Al-Fitr holiday. People come in big buses, private cars, and motorcycles. Usually, traffic jams are inevitable since the provincial road is quite narrow and the parking lot is limited.

Do you know that Situ Patenggang is only 7 kilometers away from Kawah Putih? Both are located in Ciwidey, with one being the most beautiful lake in Sunda and the other the best crater in Sunda.

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