Bandung Factory Outlet
Great Shopping Experience For Everyone

Visiting Bandung will never be the same without shopping in the famous Bandung Factory Outlet (FO).

The history of Bandung factory outlet started in the late 90s. Bandung is well known as the center of textile manufacturer, not only in Sunda, but also in Indonesia. Its products fills up domestic as well as international markets. But sometimes the international buyers reject the products or the manufacturers produce more than the order to achieve economies of scale. These excess productions then enter the domestic market through factory outlets.

The concept of factory outlet started in Bandung, but now it has spread across Sunda. You can find factory outlets in Bogor, rest areas in Jagorawi toll road and Purbaleunyi toll road, as well as in Cipanas Puncak.

Most of these factory outlets sell clothes for all ages: men, women and children in one store. But you can also go to specialty store such as Bale Anak, which focuses on baby and children wear.

Since Bandung is definitely the family vacation destinations in Sunda, the traffic during weekend and holiday is very bad. Moreover, there are so many one way streets, thus, if you take a wrong turn, you will waste so much time just to return to where you were. Therefore, I recommend you to plan ahead: which area in Bandung you want to spend for a particular weekend. It is better for you to go to other area in the following weekend, rather than squeezing your schedule to drive back and forth across Bandung.

There are several areas of Bandung factory outlet. They are:

Bandung Factory Outlet in Dago and Riau

Most of the factory outlets are scattered in Dago (Ir. H. Djuanda) street and Riau (L.L.R.E. Martadinata) street until Aceh street. Although these streets are adjacent, it is still a big area for you to wander around. If you are looking for baby and children wear, you can go to Bale Anak, which is located in Sumatra street, still in the nearby neighborhood.

Whenever you are tired of shopping you can go to restaurants or food stalls nearby. Check out the restaurant list in Bandung restaurant directory. If you want to buy some snacks, you can go to Kartika Sari Dago.

You also can stay for the weekend in this neighborhood since there are many hotels such as Hyatt, Santika, Holiday Inn, Anggrek, and Riau hotel, or staying in the upper Dago area where Sheraton and Jayakarta hotel are located. You can see the complete list in the hotel directory.

In addition, there is a travel operator in Aceh street, serving Bandung Jakarta, so you don’t need to drive to Bandung.

Bandung Factory Outlet in Sukajadi and Setiabudhi

You can also find Bandung FO in upper Sukajadi street until Setiabudhi street. More fashionable people like to go to Rumah Mode in Setiabudhi street. Nowadays, there are many factory outlets opened nearby.

Setiabudhi street is the main road to go to Lembang, or going down the street you will enter Cihampelas street. Cihampelas is famous for its jeans stores. You can find many things made of jeans here. You also can find jeans trousers with unusual large size, which is very rare in Sunda, even in Indonesia.

More conveniently, many travel operator serving Bandung Jakarta are stationed here in Cihampelas street. You also can find lots of restaurants and food stalls as well as hotels here. Please check out Bandung restaurant directory and hotel directory.

In addition, you can buy Sundanese souvenirs in Cihampelas 39 souvenir shop or buy some Sundanese snacks such as fried tempe or fried oncom in Kabita or Raos snack shops, also in Cihampelas street.

Bandung Factory Outlet in Buah Batu

Buah Batu street is a busy street in East Bandung. You can reach here via toll road exiting at Buah Batu, or Bandung South Ring Road or Bypass (Soekarno Hatta street).

This area has some factory outlets as well as restaurants, Kartika Sari and Prima Rasa snack shops, and hotels, such as Horison hotel. In addition, some travel operators open booths here.

Bandung Factory Outlet in Pasir Kaliki

If you prefer to eat than shopping in factory outlet, Paskal Hypersquare near Bandung railway station could be your choice. It has one FO, but lots of food stalls and restaurants in the complex.

If you come here at night, there are many more choices of food, not only in the complex, but along the way from Cibadak street to Gardujati street until Pasirkaliki street. They all come with handcarts and sell the foods in the pedestrian walk.

The newest hotel here is Hilton, but there are also many smaller hotels. Check out the hotel directory to find the hotel within your budget.

Those are the areas of Bandung factory outlet. They are spread across Bandung, conveniently located in the same area with restaurants, cafes, food stalls, hotels, and Bandung Jakarta travel operators, which makes Bandung the real shopping paradise.

Shopaholics, Bandung factory outlet awaits you!

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