Green Canyon
The Hidden Green Paradise

Green canyon is a very beautiful canyon near Pangandaran beach. Local people call it Cukang Taneuh, a sundanese word for a bridge made of dirt. It offers a cooling sensation of a green river named Cijulang (ci is sundanese word for water or river) and great canyon.

This is a must visit place if you love nature. It takes approximately 30 minutes drive from Pangandaran to the west. You will not miss it, since there is a sign board and big car park across the street.

Next, we rent a boat at the small harbor across the parking lot. Each boat can carry 5 passengers and the price was approximately Rp 75,000. We will sail for about 30 minutes, since the canyon is hidden at the end of Cijulang river. The color of this river is green most of the time, except during heavy rain. The color will change to brown, due to the mud it carries. Whenever the water level is too high, this placed will be closed. Hence, the best time to go to Green Canyon is during dry season.

Along the way you will see beautiful green landscapes and it is a very peaceful place. The river is so calm, so it is quite safe for the whole family, even without wearing life jackets.

Do you think it will be boring? Nope! We still can have fun too, such as boat racing to the canyon!

Near the end of the river, it is getting narrower with lots of rocks on both sides of the river. Since the source of the water is on top of the cliff, there is trickling water running through the rocks. It is like raining all the time. Then I realize the function of the roof in each boat. It is to keep us from the heat and rain. Otherwise we will all get very wet! But, on the other hand, that’s why we play in the river: to get wet, right?

At the end of the river the boat will stop and you can climb up the rocks. There is a pool on the other side of this rock. You have to swim if you want to reach the end of the canyon. If you are alone, it’s better to ask the boat crew to accompany you swimming, because the water is cold and the pool is deep.

I strongly recommend to visit Green Canyon when you are in Pangandaran. We can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Moreover, sailing on a traditional boat called ketinting is fun for the whole family.

However, if you want a more adventurous activity, you can take a body rafting tour. It will start on the other section of the river passing several rapids and waterfalls, then end on the same spot where the boat awaits us to take us back to the harbor.

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