The Best Hotels in Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran beach, the most favorite beach in the land of Sunda, resulting in the rows of hotels awaiting visitors. But here you will not find any hotel with a private beach, because the main road separates the beach from the hotels. 

Considering that Pangandaran beach is on a peninsula, the west and east coasts near the Pananjung Nature Reserve are only several meters away. Of these two, any hotel on the west coast is preferable because it is right in front of a wide sandy beach. But not all hotels keep up with their cleanliness and maintenance to ward off the corrosive from the seawater.

Thus, of all these hotels in Pangandaran beach, four hotels stand out. They are:

1. Laut Biru Resort Hotel

Address: Jl. E. Jaga Lautan no. 17-18, Pantai Barat, Pangandaran beach.

In our opinion, Laut Biru is the no. 1 to go hotel in Pangandaran beach. It is a three-star hotel near Pananjung Nature Reserve. You only need to cross the street to go to the west coast and less than 50 meters in the other direction to go to the east coast. Many boatmen here are ready to take you to Pasir Putih beach. Plenty of eating places are nearby, such as Rasa Sayang seafood restaurant, Atjip noodle house, and CFC fried chicken.

This hotel comprises two buildings connected with a sky bridge. Each building has a swimming pool. 

Of these two, the new one is more desirable because it has elevators, a mini waterpark in the middle of the swimming pool, and a big parking lot under the hotel.  Plus, the guest rooms are more modern and spacious. Every deluxe room has two comfortable king-size beds! These rooms are all clean, bright, and airy, with a large bathroom. 

Laut Biru Resort Hotel, the best hotel in Pangandaran beach |

The breakfast is a standard buffet of bread, rice, coffee, and tea. But the most delicious dish is the fried bananas!

Unlike hotels in the city that provide their amenities in small bottles, every room in Laut Biru hotel serves the mineral water in a four-gallon container. It continues to the bathroom, with body wash and shampoo dispensers instead of small hotel bottles.

2. Pantai Indah Resort Pangandaran

Address: Jl. Kidang Pananjung no. 151, Pantai Timur, Pangandaran.

Pantai Indah Resort Timur Hotel, the best hotel in Pangandaran beach |

There are two Pantai Indah Resort Hotel in Pangandaran beach: Barat (west in English) and Timur (east in English). The east one is the preferable one of the two because it is bigger and newer. 

Renovated in 2015, Pantai Indah Resort Hotel Timur is a three-star hotel with a massive ground. It has an Olympic size swimming pool (it is easily the best swimming pool on Pangandaran beach). Plus two tennis courts, a basketball court, and a children's playground. Its rooms are spacious that can fit in two king-size beds. This hotel also has a vast parking lot. Before you enter the lobby, you will see a beautiful cacti garden.

The only drawback of Pantai Indah Resort Hotel Timur is it is a bit far from the beach. You can see Pangandaran east coast from the balcony. 

3. The Arnawa Hotel Pangandaran Beach

Address: Jl. Bulak Laut no. 12, Pangandaran.

The Arnawa is a three-star hotel that is approximately 200 meters from the west coast. It is a two-story hotel without any elevator. But it has a beautifully landscaped swimming pool in the middle of the site. It feels like relaxing in a hotel swimming pool in Bali. If you choose the guest rooms on the ground floor, you will have direct access to the swimming pool! And the rooms are spacious to fit in two king-size beds. Unfortunately, it has limited parking space.

4. Horison Palma Pangandaran Beach

Address: Jl. Pantai Barat no. 91, Pangandaran beach.

Horison Palma is another three-star hotel at Pangandaran west beach. The location is very close to Pananjung Nature Reserve. 

The guest rooms in Horison hotel are smaller than the other three hotels mentioned above, but it has a lovely rooftop restaurant. A perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

Hotels in Pangandaran beach, check. Next is planning your holiday in Pangandaran! Do you know there are several other gorgeous beaches nearby? You can go sailing, rafting, and tubing near Green Canyon. And eat fresh seafood to your heart content.

Things to do in Pangandaran beach:

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