The Begonia Garden in Maribaya,
Lembang Bandung

Things to do in Bandung: Explore the Begonia Garden in Maribaya Lembang |#ExploreSunda #KebunBegonia #BegoniaGarden

Begonia garden in Maribaya, Lembang (Kebun Begonia in bahasa Indonesia) is one interesting place to visit. Located on Maribaya street no. 120, this flower garden is not far from downtown Lembang. On a normal day, it is approximately 10 minutes drive in the direction to Maribaya.

The GPS coordinates are 6°49'34.0"S 107°38'20.0"E (-6.826111, 107.638886)

Snapping Pictures at Begonia Garden

The main attraction here is a garden full with blooming flowers. It is a sight to be hold, since it is not everyday you can find this kind of flower garden in the land of Sunda. Thus, it is a perfect place to capture many pictures :) Sadly, you must pay extra Rp. 50,000 for the DLSR camera. The cameras in your smartphones are already included in the Rp. 15,000 entrance ticket though.

Entering the garden, there is a pile of straw hats we can borrow, which we can return them at the exit.

Begonia Garden in Maribaya, Lembang
Begonia Garden in Maribaya, Lembang
Begonia Garden in Maribaya, Lembang

Kebun Begonia also equips with a couple of halls for small reception. As the name implies, a significant portion of the garden is covered with begonia. The remaining is covered with equally beautiful flowers such as roses, hydrangea and many other flowers I am not familiar with.  In one corner they even have a small paddy field complete with a buffalo statue! This garden is also decorated with lots of sculptures, bikes, and benches. All of these create a beautiful landscape and many photo spots. Thus, make sure you have plenty of memory in your smartphone :)

Begonia Garden in Maribaya, Lembang
Begonia Garden in Maribaya, Lembang
Begonia Garden in Maribaya, Lembang

Seeing such a beautiful flower garden, do you want something similar in your own garden? It's simple, this garden has a nursery where you can buy potted flowers. The price is more expensive than similar nurseries in Cihideung, though.

Kebun Begonia also sells some vegetables, such as pumpkins and lettuce, they even have a greenhouse for a self picking cherry tomato.

Tired of taking pictures and shopping? You still can enjoy the beauty of the garden while enjoying some snacks at the cafe. Although the service is slow and the taste is just so so.

Since Begonia Garden is an open area, the cafe is always crowded during the rain. Visitors go there to find some shelters and hot drinks and food to warm them up. The rain is common occurrence here because being in a highland,  the weather in Lembang is always cool with unpredictable rain drizzles, which can stop and go all day long.

Begonia Garden in Maribaya, Lembang
Begonia Garden in Maribaya, Lembang
Begonia Garden in Maribaya, Lembang

The best thing from Begonia garden is that it is very rare to find a garden full of blooming flowers. However, since the garden is relatively small in size, a couple hours is more than sufficient to explore it. Thus, while you are in Maribaya, Lembang, you may want to visit other places nearby:

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