D' Castello Ciater

At the end of 2021, D' Castello Ciater started its debut in the north of Bandung. D'Castello is a vibrant-colored castle amidst Ciater - Subang tea plantation. Castello is an Italian word for castle, while the capital D that precedes Castello represents the word "the." Hence, D'Castello means The Castle. Overall, it is a lovely park with plenty of beautiful photo spots. Of course, the main backdrop is the castles.

The main castle at D'Castello Ciater, Lembang.The first castle as well as the entrance to D'Castello Ciater with its many turrets and cupolas.

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Weekends & Public Holidays:

Ticket Rp.40,000


Ticket Rp.30,000

Being a new tourist attraction, D'Castello attracts crowds. When we, Explore Sunda.com, visited this park in mid-June 2022, tourists packed from the parking lot until the end corner of the park. So, if you plan to come here, you'd better start early.

D'Castello perches on top of Subang tea plantation. The gardens are rich with blooming and colorful hibiscus. The large petals of red, pink, orange, and white hibiscus beautifully adorn the gardens.

There are two castles in D'Castello. The one in the front is the larger of the two. In addition to the many turrets, it has several cupolas (towers with onion-shaped domes), which remind us of both the mosques' minarets and a Russian Orthodox church. This first castle is the entrance to the park. The inside is only a hall where the ticket counter is.

The flower garden continues at the back of the first castle. Flowers and colorful leaves grow along the path. This path leads to a massive building in the middle of the park, which turns out to be a food court with various food vendors. A row of food stalls is on one side of the building, while the dining area is in the middle. Walking through the food court, you will reach another flower garden. It will lead you to the second castle.

D'Castello CiaterThe second castle at D'Castello Ciater. Both strolling through the garden and the Hand Bridge provide great photo opportunities.

There are two paths to reach this second castle. On your left is a bridge, and on your right is a flower garden. Usually, visitors prefer to cross the bridge on their way to the castle. For one, it has a different view. The bridge is called 'Hand Bridge' because a hand holds the middle of the bridge :) Of course, the bridge is one of the favorite photo spots in D'Castello.

The second castle is smaller than the first one. It still has a few turrets, but it doesn't have any cupolas. Inside is a coffee shop serving light snacks and drinks for weary guests. However, this coffee shop looks barren, without any sign of medieval or castle-like attributes.

The back door of the second castle is the beginning of a colorful path with lots of equally multicolored stairs. The lawns here are decorated with vibrant photo props. Don't worry about getting muddy here because D'Castello uses synthetic grass. It doesn't look that natural, but you will not see any mud, and your feet will only get a bit wet after the rain.

The backyard of the D'Castello's second castle are vibrant!The backyard of the D'Castello's second castle are vibrant!

In addition to the castles and flower gardens, onion-shaped metal structures that look like bird cages are favorite photo spots too. More flowers and colorful leaves are planted inside these structures. Equally beautiful are the surrounding areas: the valleys and mountains surrounding D'Castello.

Not only beautiful gardens between the two castles and beautiful mountains with a clear blue sky, but D' Castello Ciater also provides an hourly rental of Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing). If you are not content with selfies, perhaps you might want to hire D'Castello's photographers. They have several packages of soft copies, printouts, and Polaroids.

Beautiful onion-shaped structure in the middle of D'Castello's garden.Beautiful onion-shaped structure in the middle of D'Castello's garden.

You will pass another food court on your way out, which is a good place for taking a short break after all the strolling and selfies in the garden. It is a smaller food court, and most of the food is snacks, plus some trinkets.

For additional tickets, children below twelve years old can play in the playground. The location is on the slope below the garden, near the exit gate. There are several rides children will enjoy, such as trampolines, a swing ride that looks like a carousel, and a bouncy castle. Plus, there is a mini zoo where children can feed some animals, such as rabbits and sheep.

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D'Castello with its two castles, charming gardens, and striking view of the mountains attracts a flock of tourists from near and far. | #D'Castello #ExploreSunda.com
D'Castello with its two castles, charming gardens, and striking view of the mountains attracts a flock of tourists from near and far. | #D'Castello #ExploreSunda.com

How To Go To D' Castello Ciater

The address of D'Castello is Jl. Palasari Dua - Babakan Gn. No.16, Ciater, Subang. It is on the provincial road between Lembang and Subang. The GPS coordinates are 6°43'28.9"S 107°39'23.0"E (-6.724697, 107.656389). It is easy to spot D'Castello since this bright-colored castle rises in the middle of a tea plantation.

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