Glamping Camp Bandung
Eleven Best Glamping Sites in Lembang

A new trend of a holiday in Bandung is staying in a glamping camp Bandung. Glamping or glamorous camping is one kind of accommodation where you can go camping without sacrificing the comfort of a hotel. It means sleep on a mattress instead of hard ground, ensuite bathroom versus sharing bathrooms. Best of all, no cooking is necessary; every glamping has restaurants. You don't need to set up a tent when you arrive and take it down when you go home. Plus, the tent stands on top of a platform, which is more comfortable than hard ground. That is why many of the glamping camp Bandung are resorts. 

Please note that all of these glamping camps in Bandung do not provide air-conditioners in their tents because the nighttime temperature in Lembang or Ciwidey is pretty chilly. It can reach 14 degrees Celcius at night. So, don't forget to pack your warm clothes :)

Glamping Camp Bandung, where are they?

Being surrounded by mountains, the outskirt of Bandung becomes an ideal place for glamping. Today, you will find a glamping camp Bandung in the south (Ciwidey and Pangalengan) or the north of Bandung (Lembang).

There are three popular camping areas in Lembang. The first one is Cikole near Mount Tangkuban Perahu. It has been a famous camping ground since forever. Today, Cikole has a few glamping operators too. The two other popular glamping area in Lembang is at Maribaya and Cisarua. 

Glamping Camp Bandung in Cisarua Lembang

1. Glamping Dusun Bambu Lembang

Address: Kol. Masturi km. 11, Cisarua, Lembang.

GPS Coordinates: 6°47'20.0"S 107°34'51.6"E.

When you go glamping in Dusun Bambu Lembang, you will sleep in a big tent. Each tent is set up inside a spacious land fenced with tall shrubs for your privacy. Although the tent doesn't use any lock, you can lock the wooden gate leading to the assigned field. 

A big tent is standing in the middle of the platform. Inside, the tent has a divider between the designated living room and bedroom. You will not sleep on hard ground but a mattress with a sleeping bag :) There are telephone and electric sockets in the living area. Instead of tv, you will only get a radio. Lamps inside the tent are only a small emergency lamp. Every tent has a private bathroom that is built under the platform. Usually, you make a bonfire when you go camping. Here you will have a picnic table and a barbecue grill. You only need to order the ingredients through the front office. 

Glamping in Dusun Bambu Lembang, one of the best glamping camps in Bandung | #ExploreSunda

Glamping at Dusun Bambu Lembang offers more than just a camping experience. Dusun Bambu is a leading family leisure park in Bandung. It offers various games, attractive playgrounds, and cozy restaurants in a beautiful landscape. You even can hike to a small waterfall at the corner of the property. 

Check out Dusun Bambu's offers in detail...

You can explore nearby places too, such as Cimahi waterfallGrace Rose FarmKampung DaunLembang Park and Zoo, and many more.

2. Meloh Camp, Café and Resto

Address: Pasirhalang, Cisarua, Lembang

GPS Coordinates: 6°48'52.9"S 107°32'48.6"E (-6.814704, 107.546842)

Another glamping camp Bandung that lays in Cisarua Lembang is Meloh Camp. It offers two types of tents: the large Exclusive tents that look like a cottage and the dome-shaped tents that can accommodate four people. All tents are equipped with comfortable spring beds, electricity, and free wifi.

The highlight of Meloh Camp, Cafe, and Resto is its stunning view of Mount Burangrang and Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Plus, there are plenty of attractive places nearby: Dusun Bambu, Grace Rose Farm, Cimahi Waterfall, Cihanjuang Butterfly Garden, and Lembang Park and Zoo.

3. Kala Senja Family Camping

Address: Jalan Kolonel Masturi km.4 no. 157, Cisarua Bandung.

GPS Coordinates: 6°50'24.7"S 107°33'05.2"E (-6.840180, 107.551448)

Opened in mid 2021, Kala Senja Cimahi is the latest addition to the glamping camp Bandung. Its location is adjacent to Alam Wisata Cimahi. It offers two types of tents: three Arunika tents that look like ordinary tents with their triangular shapes and three Sandyakala tents that look like half cylinders. Every tent is equipped with comfortable beds. Since Sandyakala is the larger of these two types, it has bigger beds, a shelf, and a couch. The bathrooms are communal but they are not far from the tents.

There are several activities you can do here, such as archery, fishing, and see some deer in the mini zoo. Since Kala Senja is amid Kolonel Masturi street, the busy road between Bandung and Lembang, there are plenty of attractive places nearby: Dusun BambuGrace Rose FarmCimahi WaterfallCihanjuang Butterfly Garden, and Lembang Park and Zoo.

4. Trizara Resort

Address: Pasirwangi Wetan Street, Lembang

GPS Coordinates: 6°49'23.0"S 107°36'11.7"E (-6.823066, 107.603240)

A resort for glamping camp in Bandung, Trizara resort's tents are so big that it looks like cottages, they even use ceiling fans! Every tent is equipped with comfortable beds, an ensuite bathroom complete with hot water, and an ensuite terrace. There are plenty of activities you can join here. The highlights are flying fox, high rope, trampoline, paintball, archery, ATV, badminton, futsal, and yoga. The front office also provides plenty of board games you can borrow during your stay. Great ideas to spend time together, since there is not any TV in the tent.

Trizara Resort nestles near Setiabudi street Bandung, where there are plenty of tourist attractions and restaurants nearby. For example, Farm House, Kampung Daun, Lembang Park and Zoo, Bosscha Observatory, Dusun Bambu, and Cimahi Waterfall. However, some guests find the level of outside noise at night until dawn are rather disturbing. 

5. The Green Forest Resort

Address: Sersan Bajuri Street no. 102, Bandung

GPS Coordinates: 6°49'20.6"S 107°35'53.2"E (-6.822392, 107.598101)

As a resort, the Green Forest offers plenty of activities, restaurants, and several types of rooms, including glamping. However, the glamping at the Green Forest Resort looks more like a cottage with a canvas tent for its roof and walls. Hence, you can expect hotel room facilities here, such as a balcony, comfortable bed, tv, wifi, and a private bathroom. 

The view surrounding this resort is beautiful, with plenty of attractive instagramable spots. One of the most sought-after photo spots here is the hanging bridge that looks like the one in Situ Gunung, Sukabumi.

Since the Green Forest Resort nestles in the midst of Cihideung village, there are many places of interest here, such as Lembang Park and Zoo, Kampung Daun, Jendela Alam, Cimahi Waterfall, Dusun Bambu, and Grace Rose Farm. Even Lembang is less than 30 minutes drive, where you can continue your adventure to Floating Market, Mount Tangkuban Perahu, and many more.

Glamping Camp Bandung in Cikole Lembang

6. Sari Ater Camping Park

Address: Jalan Raya Ciater, between Lembang and Subang.

GPS Coordinates: 6°43'57.5"S 107°40'03.3"E (-6.732640, 107.667594)

When you go glamping in Sari Ater, you have several choices of tents. You can choose a smaller tent for two or a bigger one for the family. Some tents provide private bathrooms, but some others only have a communal bathroom.

For so many years, Sari Ater is famous for its hot spring. It used to be a simple hot spring pool, today it has developed into a resort with plenty of activities to entertain guests.  It nestles at the foot of mount Palasari, near Mount Tangkuban Perahu, surrounded by pine trees with views of stunning tea plantations. So, enjoy the tea plantation by going on a tea walk or getting on a 4WD off-road tour. Then, rejuvenate your body in the natural hot spring pool. 

Sari Ater Camping Park is not far from Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Orchid Forest Cikole, and Sindang Reret Restaurant. Even Lembang is only 30 minutes drive!

7. Terminal Wisata Grafika Cikole (TWGC) Camping Land

Address: Jl. Raya Tangkuban Parahu No.KM.8, Cikole, Lembang.

GPS Coordinates: 6°47'06.4"S 107°39'05.4"E (-6.785105, 107.651505)

TWGC Camping Land a.k.a. Urban Camp is the Glamping in Terminal Wisata Grafika Cikole, Lembang. There are 20 permanent tents under the canopy of pine trees. The tents look like cottages with beds, TV, and an ensuite bathroom equipped with hot water. However, some guests reported the downside of TWGC is the lack of maintenance that is not keeping up with the glamping status.

Terminal Wisata Grafika Cikole offers plenty of outdoor activities, such as outbound, flying fox, strawberry picking, paintball, and treehouse. Plus, there are several restaurants with various menus. When you still have time to explore, Cikole, Mount Tangkuban Perahu, and Orchid Forest Cikole are close by, while Lembang is only 15 minutes drive.

Glamping Camp Bandung in Maribaya Lembang

8. The Lodge Maribaya

Address: Maribaya street no. 149/252, Lembang.

GPS Coordinates: 6°49'46.2"S 107°41'14.9"E (-6.829496, 107.687467)

Glamping in the Lodge Maribaya is famous for its onion-shaped tents. These orange tents are brilliantly contrasting with the lush green garden. Compared with other glamping camps Bandung, the tents in the Lodge are much smaller, where each tent can only fit in a queen-size mattress or two single ones. The bathrooms are communal. Since the tents are close to each other, you will have to share the bonfire. 

The Lodge Maribaya is also famous for its view of the Lembang Fault. Pine trees cover this fault and make it a magnificent photo spot. There are several popular spots with props you can choose from: swings, a hot air balloon, the Glass Deck, and bicycles. Alternatively, join the trekking tours around the area. You even can hike from the Maribaya waterfall to the Dutch and Japanese bunker inside the Ir. H. Djuanda Forest (Dago Pakar). Keep going then you will reach Dago Bandung.

Although the Lodge is a tad remote, Maribaya Natural Hot Spring, Maribaya Waterfall, Begonia Garden, and De Ranch are close. Lembang is less than 30 minutes drive :) 

9. Mulberry Hill by The Lodge

Address: Jalan Maribaya Timur no. 1, Cibodas village, Lembang

GPS Coordinates: 6°49'13.1"S 107°41'11.7"E (-6.820306, 107.686581)

Mulberry Hill is another glamping camp Bandung in the area of Maribaya and managed by The Lodge. Hence, here you will see a bigger version of the orange onion-shaped tents furnished with comfortable beds, tv, and a private bathroom.

For additional charges, you can join many activities arranged by Mulberry Hill. For example, outbound, team building, archery, traditional board games, ATV rides, offroad tours, trekkings, paintballs, and rafting. 

Alternatively, explore nearby tourist attractions in Lembang, such as De Ranch, Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort, The Lodge, Kebun Begonia, and Fairy Garden.

10. Pine Forest Camp Lembang

Address: Maribaya Timur street, Suntenjaya village, Lembang.

GPS Coordinates: 6°48'54.4"S 107°41'38.1"E (-6.815105, 107.693926)

Laying on a vast land of pine forest, Pine Forest Camp Bandung offers an exclusive camping experience. They will provide all camping equipment and facilities, so you only need to pack changing clothes plus some warm clothes to ward off the cold temperature at night. Here you will sleep in a tent and share communal bathrooms. At 1200 meters above sea level, Pine Forest Camp nestles in a remote area in Maribaya Lembang. 

Besides a great experience of glamping camp Bandung, Pine Forest Camp offers many outdoor activities, such as flying fox, high rope, low rope, Pampers Pole, Elvis Walk, team building, and bonfire at night. Another fun experience you should try is joining an offroad adventure. You will go through offroad tracks in Lembang on old Land Rover cars. Offroad touring is a popular tour in Lembang, although it is rather pricey.

11. Maribaya Glamping Tent

Address: Maribaya street no. 105/212, Lembang. Right across Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort.

Maribaya Glamping Tent offers 17 massive tents for glamping. The tent looks like a house covered with canvas tents over its walls, windows, and roofs. Inside, it looks like a cottage with comfortable beds, a living room, a tv, wifi, and private bathrooms. Exploring the garden, you can join a bonfire at night or relax in the two jacuzzi pools. 

You can explore more outdoor activities right across the street at Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort. Or venture further up to the Lodge; or going down to the direction of Lembang to find Maribaya waterfall, Kebun Begonia, De Ranch, and Rainbow Garden at Floating Market.

You see, glamping is a very loose term. Here you read about the best eleven glamping camp Bandung, and every glamping is pretty much different. Some glamping operators offer upgraded ordinary tents, but others provide tents that look like a cottage covered with a canvas tent. Several glamour campings provide modern gadgets such as tv, electricity, and wifi. So, a quick going-over will help you set your expectation for your upcoming glamping experience :) 

Finally, the idea of glamping is to experience the outdoors. No matter how clean the camping ground is, it is prone to bugs and such. So, you'd better bring some mosquito repellent and bugs spray. Some guests suggest using sticky straws to catch flies. 

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