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Green Canyon – Hidden Green Paradise In The Land Of Sunda

Green canyon is a very beautiful canyon near Pangandaran beach. This is one of the must visit place in Sunda.

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Top 5 Tropical Beaches in Sunda

Welcome to the list of top 5 tropical beaches in the land of Sunda. How many have you explored?

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Pangandaran, The No.1 Beach in Sunda

Pangandaran is the most famous tropical beach in the land of Sunda where you can join lots of fun activities, eat fresh and delicious seafood and the best of all you can see both sunrise and sunset from this beach!

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Puncak Pass: Where to Eat?

There are so many restaurants in Puncak Pass, plenty of choices, which ones will be your favorite?

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Puncak Pass: The #1 Family Holiday Destination in The Land of Sunda

As the #1 holiday destination in the land of Sunda, Puncak Pass has lots of entertainment we can indulge in, from trekking in a safari to strolling in gardens and a tea plantation, not to mention the culinary adventures and hotels that will spoil us throughout the holiday!

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Puncak Pass Resort: The Heritage Hotel and Restaurant in Puncak

See, feel and taste the glimpse of the old days in Puncak Pass Resort. Hang out in the restaurant with warm poffertjes and view of the highland, you will definitely enjoy your visit here :)

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Cibodas Botanical Garden

Visit Cibodas Botanical Garden, where you can enjoy a picnic, play water in a stream, ride a horse, and if you visit at the right time you might be able to see sakura (cherry blossoms) or Amorphophallus titanum Becc, the giant corpse flower.

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Cibodas Botanical Garden: Sakura Garden

Do you know that Cibodas Botanical Garden has a Sakura Garden, where we can have picnic and enjoy the cherry blossoms that bloom twice a year..

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Jalan Braga Bandung: Where The Modern Meets The Past

Take a step back in time when you stroll around jalan Braga Bandung: enjoy the view of art deco buildings, hang out in the classic restaurants and go art hunting!

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Punclut Bandung

How do you hang out in a castle, barn, and Bandung highlands in one day? Just visit Kawasan Wisata Punclut Bandung! We can take amazing pictures, dine-in with variety of cuisines and children can happily play in the playground :)

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Dusun Bambu - Cisarua Lembang, Bandung

Dusun Bambu, the family leisure park in Cisarua Lembang offers many fun outdoor activities and a cozy place to hang out packaged in a beautiful panoramic landscape.

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Bandung Shopping Guide: Hunting For Sundanese Souvenirs

Bandung shopping guide provides you with an important list of what are the unique Sundanese souvenirs and where to get them!

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Bandung Shopping Guide: Hunting Delicious Snacks in Bandung

Bandung shopping guide will help you find delicious snacks in Bandung: what are they and where are the snack shops!

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Shopping Mall In Tangerang Selatan: BSD City, Gading Serpong

Let’s explore shopping mall in Tangerang Selatan: AEON Mall BSD City, The Breeze, Gramedia World, Summarecon Mall Serpong - SMS, Summarecon Digital Center - SDC, and enjoy the outdoor in Scientia Square Park.

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Lembang - A Town Full of Fun Attractions

Lembang is the ultimate family vacation destination in Sunda! So many things to see, so many things to do, let's explore them all!

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Lembang: Grace Rose Farm

What will you do at Grace Rose Farm in Cisarua, Lembang? Buy cut flowers, decorative plants and vegetables or roam the expansive garden, smell the flowers and take lots of pictures? Whichever you like, they will be marvelous!

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Curug Cimahi - The Rainbow Waterfall

The most popular waterfall in Bandung, Curug Cimahi might pique your interest to visit it, enjoy the scenery and exercise on walking up the 500+ stairs!

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FarmHouse Lembang

Rent a European costume and taking lots of selfies, then shopping and petting animals, all can be done in one place: FarmHouse Lembang a.k.a. Farm House Bandung. Find out more here...

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Bosscha Observatory in Lembang

Let's explore Bosscha, the one and only big observatory in Indonesia! You will find being ninety years old, the building and all of the machines are still working smoothly and they are all the same machines installed in 1928!

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Wall Climbing at Bremgra, South Tangerang

What's make wall climbing in Bremgra so special? The fourteen meters wall or the Fun Wall? Or you prefer the go-kart race? Find out here...

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Bogor : The Rainy City in Sunda, Indonesia

Explore Bogor Botanical Garden, visit museums, go shopping, go for culinary adventures are the highlights in Bogor. Find out all here..

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De Voyage Bogor: Selfie with a European Backdrop

De Voyage Bogor, a new European theme garden for selfie and hang out. Find out where it is here!

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Skyworld: The Space Education and Recreation in TMII

Among Putro Skyworld in TMII is the place where we can indulge ourselves on the space related information, from folklores through the magnificent constellations up to the modern spaceship, and learn about our solar systems in the planetarium.

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Gunung Mas Agro-Tourism in Puncak

Strolling around in a tea plantation, taking as many gorgeous pictures as you want on a flying broom or an hot air balloon, going off road on a 4x4, ATV or ride a horse are things you can enjoy in Gunung Mas Agro-tourism.

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Taman Bunga Nusantara - Cipanas, Puncak

Taman Bunga Nusantara in Cipanas, Puncak, is a 35 hectares flower garden with perfectly manicured lawn. It has plenty of topiaries, theme gardens, picnic areas, and play grounds.

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Bandung, The Family Vacation Destinations In Sunda, Indonesia

Find out what activities people love to do in Bandung: shopping, culinary adventure, play angklung, make batik, take short trips to Lembang, Garut, Ciwidey, Sumedang, and many more..

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Jalan Kelenteng Bandung, The New Chinatown

These days in jalan Kelenteng Bandung, we surely will find delicious foods, the largest and oldest temple in Bandung and the new hang out place called Chinatown.

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Museum Gajah: The National Museum of Indonesia

Museum Gajah or Museum Nasional? Are they the same or two different museums? What will we find there? What's inside the Treasury Room? Find all the answers here...

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Museums in Indonesia: Museums in Jakarta, Bandung, and other cities

Which one of the many museums in Indonesia is your favorite? National museum in Jakarta, Geology museum in Bandung, or ...?

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Monas: The National Monument of Indonesia

Monas, the 132 meters National Monument of Indonesia, is a must visit destination in Jakarta. You can see Jakarta from the observation deck high above, looking through the dioramas, or just relaxing in the vast square.

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