Glamping Camp Bandung
at Ciwidey, Situ Patenggang, and Pangalengan

Started in Lembang, now glamping camp Bandung has expanded to southern Bandung, namely Ciwidey and Pangalengan. Glamping or Glamour Camping has been a trend in recent years when people want to experience sleeping outdoor without the hassle of carrying and setting up a tent. You even get comfortable beds and an ensuite bathroom if you book a large tent. Plus, some glamping is part of a resort equipped with one or two restaurants.

Please note that all of these glamping camps in Bandung do not provide air-conditioners in their tents because the nighttime temperature in Ciwidey and Pangalengan is pretty chilly. It can reach 12 degrees Celcius at night. So, don't forget to pack your warm clothes :)

Glamping Camp Bandung in Ciwidey

1. Glamping Lakeside Bandung

Address: R9J3+6C2, Patengan, Rancabali, Ciwidey, Bandung.

GPS Coordinates: 7°10'09.8"S 107°21'12.6"E (-7.169401, 107.353499)

Glamping Lakeside Rancabali or more popularly known as Glamping Lakeside Bandung nestles amid the Rancabali tea plantation and on the banks of Situ Patenggang (Situ means lake in English). The view is magnificent. There aren't many activities you can do in Glamping Lakeside Bandung, but it is a perfect place if you like peace and quiet. 

The tents in Glamping Lakeside are massive that they look like a cottage. Inside, you will find comfortable beds and an ensuite bathroom. 

Situ Patenggang tends to have pleasant weather all year round, with cold breezes blow every now and then. But the temperature drops at night to as low as 12 Celsius. 

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Glamping Lakeside Rancabali a.k.a. Glamping Lakeside Bandung on the banks of Situ Patenggang and surrounded by Rancabali tea plantation. | #ExploreSunda

2. Green Hill Park Ciwidey

Address: Jalan Patengan Km. 41 Rancabali, Ciwidey, Bandung.

GPS Coordinates: 7°08'30.4"S 107°23'43.0"E (-7.141790, 107.395284)

Green Hill Park Ciwidey is located inside TWA (Taman Wisata Alam) Cimanggu in Ciwidey. Taman Wisata Alam is a protected natural park used for conservation and tourism. Hence, most of the accommodations in Green Hill Park nestle inside a pine forest. Since Cimanggu is well known for its hot springs, soaking in the hot spring pool will be one activity you don't want to miss :) 

There are several types of accommodation in Green Hill Park. One of them is glamping, where you can choose to book a massive tent that looks more like a barrack. It equips with several mattresses and a private bathroom. Or, you can opt for a smaller one that can accommodate four people. 

Spending time here in a group is more fun where you can play paintball war or trekking around the park

3. Glamping Legok Kondang Lodge

Address: Jalan Kurunangan Lebak Muncang, Ciwidey, Bandung.

GPS Coordinates: 7°07'02.1"S 107°25'04.1"E (-7.117262, 107.417817)

Glamping Legok Kondang Lodge is the most luxurious glamping camp Bandung. However, it seems somewhat biased to call them glamping since each room looks more like a cottage than a tent. The only thing that makes them look like a tent is the canvas tent used for the roof. Anyway, the facilities here will definitely spoil you, such as a private bathroom with a bathtub, a private heated infinity pool, floating breakfast, and fireplace on the terrace.

The location of Glamping Legok Kondang Lodge is a bit remote, but it means you can fully relax in peace and quiet with a stunning view of nature. Of course, children still get some fun in the playground or go to strawberry picking in the nearby nursery. 

4. Bubu Jungle Resort

Address: Jalan Raya Ciwidey - Rancabali Patenggang KM.39, Ciwidey, Bandung.

GPS Coordinates: 7°07'20.2"S 107°25'05.3"E (-7.122282, 107.418127)

Another glamping camp Bandung near Glamping Legok Kondang Lodge is Bubu Jungle Resort. Bubu is the Sundanese word for a traditional contraption made of bamboo to catch fish. Hence, you will see every cottage has a giant bubu surrounds it, including the camping pod. 

Although it is called a camping pod, it looks more like a tiny cottage inside a giant bubu. Its small space can fit in 2 people with a private bathroom, wifi, cable tv, and bluetooth speaker. 

As a resort, Bubu Jungle Resort offers plenty of facilities, such as swimming pools, floating breakfast, jacuzzi, bonfire, and barbecue. Plus, you can book an outbound program, paintball, or ATV. 

5. Ciwidey Valley Resort

Address: Jl. Barutunggul KM. 17 Ciwidey, Bandung.

GPS Coordinates: 7°08'04.9"S 107°24'57.4"E (-7.134707, 107.415950)

Ciwidey Valley Resort used to be a good glamping camp in southern Bandung. It has several types of accommodation, and one of them is glamping. You can choose between a small tent that looks like a tepee (an Indian tent) or the big one. This resort has a heated swimming pool that resembles a small waterpark. Children can play in the playground and a small labyrinth in the middle of the resort. It also has an aviary, but it's dirty without any special bird inside. 

Over the years, this resort slacks on maintenance. Many guests complained about the hygiene and cleanliness of the resort. Plus, the swimming pool is often too crowded since it also opens to the public. 

Glamping at Ciwidey Valley Resort, Bandung | #ExploreSunda

Places of Interest Near Glamping Camp Bandung in Ciwidey

Ciwidey Bandung is famous for its stunning view of the tea plantation. It becomes more beautiful when you look at the tea shrubs surrounding Situ Patenggang. Kawah Putih (White Crater in English) is another famous tourist spot where the crater had transformed into a magnificent lake. 

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Glamping Camp Bandung in Pangalengan

6. Pineus Tilu Riverside Camping

Address: RG9V+6X9, Pulosari Village, Pangalengan, Bandung

GPS Coordinates: 7°10'54.9"S 107°32'41.9"E (-7.181928, 107.544975)

Pineus Tilu Riverside Camping is the latest glamping camp Bandung. The location of this glamping is inside the Rahong pine forest, Pangalengan. Nine big tents nestle beneath the canopy of pine trees on the banks of the Palayangan river. 

The tents will not be damp because every tent stands on top of a wooden platform. Every platform is sufficient for one big tent and a dining area facing the river. Each tent has a divider that separates the tent into a bedroom and a living room. The capacity of each tent is up to six people. Electricity, communal bathrooms equipped with warm water, and barbecue sets are facilities you will get when you spend a night in Pineus Tilu. Plus, the cell phone signal from the major providers (Telkomsel, XL, etc.) is quite strong. 

Don't forget to bring some food for dinner, since Pineus Tilu only provides breakfast!

Inside the 4.5 hectares of Rahong forest, there are six areas for tourism. Paintball, flying fox, rafting, tubing, fun games, offroad are some activities you can join here. Other places of interest nearby are Situ Cileunca, Wayang Windu Panenjoan, and Malabar tea plantation.

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A list of Glamping Camp Bandung in Ciwidey, Situ Patenggang, and Pangalengan | #ExploreSunda

You see, glamping is a very loose term. Glamour Camping often means you will not sleep in a tent! Most likely, you will get a modified cottage with canvas tents as its roof and sometimes walls. Therefore, make sure you do a quick check to make sure the glamping camp Bandung you like is up to your expectation :)

Finally, the idea of glamping is to experience the outdoors. No matter how clean the camping ground is, it is prone to bugs and such. So, you'd better bring some mosquito repellent and bugs spray. Some guests suggest using sticky straws to catch flies. 

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