Museum Angkut + Movie Star Studio
in Batu, East Java

Explore Museum Angkut at Jatim Park complex in Batu, East Java | Observe many kinds of transportation from ages ago | Take pictures / selfies with many beautiful movie-set displays. | #ExploreSunda

Museum Angkut + Movie Star Studio is a captivating transportation museum situated in Batu, East Java. If you have ever been curious about the modes of travel used in the past, this museum is the perfect place for you. Not only does it showcase historical transportation, but some of its exhibits also resemble movie sets, making it an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts.

Besides the transportation museum, Pasar Apung (Floating Market) and the D'Topeng Kingdom Museum (the Indonesian Heritage Museum) are next door. Although they share the same parking lot, they have separate entrances and require different tickets.

Museum Angkut+ Movie Star Studio

Opening Hours:

12.00-20.00 Daily


Weekdays: Rp. 100,000
Weekends, National Holidays: Rp. 120,000
Extra Ticket: Rp.30,000/camera

Museum Angkut is the first transportation museum in Asia. One of the coolest things about this museum is how it showcases vehicles in different movie-themed sets. You'll find displays spread out across multiple buildings, both inside and outside, and even on the rooftop!

Before exploring, there are a couple of things you should be aware of:

  • The opening hours are from 12pm to 8pm, while other parks in JatimPark Group open from 10am until 6pm.
  • If you bring any camera other than the camera on your cell phone, please ensure you acquire an extra ticket for each camera.

After the park staff secures the ticket bracelet onto your wrist, you'll enter The Hall, a three-story building with an open space filled with an array of ground vehicles. In one corner, you will find an exhibition of antique bicycles, and it's surprising to learn that the electric bicycle was invented a long time ago. You will also come across ancient horse carts and many classic cars, including the Ford T model - the first automobile model.

The second floor of this building displays traditional vehicles such as becak, wheel carts, and rickshaws, as well as some interactive games about cars and airplanes. You might want to try the flight simulator :) A set of stairs at one side of this building will take you to the rooftop to see the exhibits of several small airplanes. You also can take a break and enjoy some meals at the Runway 27.

Once you exit from this building, you will walk into the second stage of the museum: the movie set displays. The first set is the outdoor area resembling Chinatown. Continuing down the road is Jakarta in the 1800s when it was still called Batavia. The museum features the Sunda Kelapa harbor and Stasiun Kota train station as the exhibits of Batavia. Several cartwheels, becak, and classic cars – the mode of transportation back then – are displayed in these two zones.

Next is the Gangster movie set, exhibiting the era of Al Capone. While Chinatown and Batavia look so busy, here it feels so quiet and relaxing. The facade of the fake buildings here represents Chicago in the early 1900s. There are several iron benches for photo props, which is a good place to take a short break.  

After exploring the Gangster movie set, Museum Angkut leads you indoors to experience European settings. The lighting in this section is dimmer, perhaps to recreate the ambiance of European nights. The European movie set showcases iconic locations such as Italy with its famous Vespa, Germany with its exciting Oktoberfest, France with a miniature Eiffel Tower, and London with its classic red phone booth.

The next building is the exhibit of Buckingham Palace, a large building surrounded by a lovely garden. Inside are the displays of the famous red double-decker bus, a Roll Royce, and the wax sculpture of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who sits in one of the thrones. Of course, the throne is one of the favorite photo spots in Museum Angkut.

The last two zones of Museum Angkut are the Las Vegas and Hollywood movie sets adorned with luxurious cars.

In addition to the themed exhibits, you can enjoy various live shows in Museum Angkut. While some shows are performed daily, others are only available on weekends. One of the most popular shows is Man on Fire, which takes place on the street of Gangster Town and features drivers showcasing their drifting skills. You can participate in the fun by riding shotgun. Other live shows include Hero in Frame at Main Plaza, Fun with Pilot at Runway 27, Fire Fighter at Gangster Town, Petjinan Vestige at Petjinan Zone, Guard of Buckingham Palace, Cars and Costume Parade at Gangster Town, Broadway Night Sensation at Broadway Zone, and Closing Gate at Pasar Apung.

Pasar Apung (Floating Market)

Tired of exploring Museum Angkut? Right next to the museum is Pasar Apung, a floating market situated on the water. It's a good place to take a rest and grab a bite to eat. Interestingly, some vendors sell their goods from their boats :) As Batu is famous for producing snacks in East Java, many of the goods on offer are locally sourced. With a range of food options and souvenirs sold here, you will be spoilt for choice! Lastly, for a bit of adventure, you can borrow a small boat available on the pier and row it yourself.

Floating Market in front of MuseumAngkut at JatimPark complex | Batu, Malang.

D'Topeng Kingdom Museum – The Indonesian Heritage Museum

In the center of Pasar Apung is a new museum called D’Topeng Kingdom.  Topeng is an Indonesian word for mask. In the beginning, the majority of its collections were various wooden masks from Indonesia, since mask dance is one of the famous Indonesian dances. At the time of this writing, the mask collection has reached more than 2,000 pieces and still counting! Over the years, the collection of D'Topeng Kingdom has not been limited to masks, hence, it was transformed into The Indonesian Heritage Museum. Presently, this museum displays various collections of Indonesian cultural heritage, such as batik, wayang puppet, and keris (an Indonesian asymmetrical dagger).

How to go to Museum Angkut, Pasar Apung, and D'Topeng Kingdom (The Indonesian Heritage Museum)

Addressed at Jalan Terusan Sultan Agung no. 2, Batu, Jatim Park shuttle bus reaches Museum Angkut regularly. However, if you plan to go by yourself, the GPS coordinates are 7°52'43.7"S 112°31'11.9" E (-7.878809, 112.519964). As it is a popular tourist destination in Batu, sometimes it is more convenient to hail a taxi or a ride-sharing service (Grab or Gojek). Simply mention Museum Angkut to the driver, who knows where to go instantly.

Batu, a small town in East Java, has become a well known tourist destination. In addition to Museum Angkut + Movie Star Studio, Jatim Park Group has several theme parks in this area, two of them are Jatim Park 2 – consists of Batu Secret Zoo, Museum Satwa, fun rides, and a water park – and Eco Green Park.

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