Jawa Timur Park 2
Batu Secret Zoo - Museum Satwa

Jawa Timur Park 2, also known as Jatim Park 2, spans across twenty-two hectares of land and is the largest park under the Jatim Park Group. It stands out for its combination of an amusement park featuring Fantasy Land and Happy Land, a zoo known as Batu Secret Zoo, and a museum dedicated to natural wildlife called Museum Satwa. As the cherry on top, Pohon Inn, a three-star hotel, is located right next to the zoo, making it the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.

Jatim Park 2 is under the Jawa Timur Park Group, which has three Jatim Parks, Eco Green Park, Museum Angkut (Transportation Museum in English), Bagong Museum (the human body museum), Predator Fun Park, Batu Night Spectacular, Milenial Glow Garden, Batu Love Garden, Wisata Bahari Lamongan, and Citra Raya World of Wonders. Except for the last two parks, others are scattered around the town of Batu, a highland near the city of Malang, East Java.

Batu Secret Zoo

Opening Hours:

08.30 - 16.30 daily

Ticket to Jatim Park 2 + Eco Green Park:

Rp. 140,000
on weekdays
Rp. 170,000
on weekends and national holiday.

The first section of Jatim Park 2 is the Batu Secret Zoo. I like the way this zoo presents the wild animals. They are divided into several zones based on their origins and species. Their habitats are clean, and the animals are safe behind glass walls. Being well-maintained and has a vast collection of wild animals, Batu Secret Zoo is one of the best zoos in Indonesia.

The first zone is the Monkey World, where you will see many kinds of monkeys, such as Sumatran Surili and Mandrill. Nearby is the Lemur Kingdom. Batu Secret Zoo has six types of Lemurs, and you can interact with black lemurs, ring-tailed lemurs, red-ruffed lemurs, red-collared lemurs, and brown lemurs.

Continuing down the path will take you to an underground, where the Reptile Garden, the Nocturnal House, and the Aquarium are. Here, you will see many wild animals such as the Aldabra and Sulcata tortoise, blue-tail monitor, komodo dragon, various snakes, long-beaked echidna, Binturong (bearcat), Tarsius, piranha, shark, stingray, and eel.

Next is an African-themed zone called Savannah, a wooden corridor with its two sides covered with glass walls. They are habitats for big animals from Africa, such as zebra, giant sable antelope, scimitar-horned oryx, deer, and gemsbok. They are all safe behind glass walls, so the visitors will not be able to feed or distract them. The glass walls also insulate some of the smell :) This zone ends with the elephant habitats.

Although walking is the best option to explore Jatim Park 2 thoroughly, sometimes it is not a good idea when you travel with elders or young children since this park is literally huge. Once inside the park, you can only follow the path until you reach the exit door. There is not any shortcut to be seen. Then, what is the option besides walking? Rent an e-bike! The rental price is Rp 150,000 for 3 hours. It is a bit expensive, but an e-bike is fun to ride, and you can travel faster. However, you might lose interest in the details of the park because you need to repeatedly park and get up from the e-bike to see animals.

After the Savannah zone, the Batu Secret Zoo is interspersed with the Fantasy Land water park and Happy Land rides, especially the Baby Zoo, the sea lion show, and the Safari Farm.

Camels look for carrots at the Safari Farm ride in Jawa Timur Park 2 [Jatim Park 2].Feeding camels with carrots at the Safari Farm in Jatim Park 2.

Safari Farm ride located at the back of Jawa Timur Park 2. This ride is free, but don’t forget to buy carrots to feed the animals! You will ride in wagons pulled up by a tractor to see herbivores such as hippopotamus, llamas, camels, deer, and ponies. Watch out for the camels because they can aggressively take your carrots away!

The Safari Farm is not the only place you can feed animals. You also can feed birds, giraffes, White Rhinos, and lions in their habitats.

How about taking a boat ride? The River Adventure boat ride will circle Monkey Island to see Orang Utan and Javan Gibbon. Many pelicans live in this river, so don't forget to buy food to feed them :)

The last habitat in the Batu Secret Zoo is the Tiger Land, where Sumatran tigers, Siberian tigers, White Bengal tigers, African lions, and White Lions live.

Fantasy and Happy Land in Jawa Timur Park 2

Water Park at Jawa Timur Park 2 (Jatim Park 2)
Sea Lion Show at Jatim Park 2 [Jawa Timur Park 2]

Fantasy Land is the name of the waterpark in Jawa Timur Park 2. It has plenty of slides, water showers, and a giant bucket pouring water at intervals.

There are approximately 40 rides in the Happy Land, such as a carousel, bumper cars, a roller coaster, and a horror house. The good news is they are all included in the ticket you pay upfront, so you don’t need to pay any additional tickets for these rides.

Whenever you are tired, thirsty, and hungry, several food courts and food stalls are on standby to quench your exhaustion and hunger :)

Museum Satwa - Natural Wildlife Museum

Museum Satwa resides in a grand building in the same complex as Jawa Timur Park 2. Its collection includes thousands of preserved animals. Most of them are displayed in dioramas, showing how they live in their natural habitats.

The collection ranges from big animals such as tigers and polar bears to rows of tiny shells. The museum also displays replicas of prehistoric wildlife such as Apatosaurus, Tyrannosaurus-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Mammoth.

You can also watch Wanantara Show, a short musical depicting life in the rainforest. At the end of the performance, several zookeepers will carry animals, such as eagles, otters, and iguanas, which you can pet. The show starts at three in the afternoon at Fossil Gallery.

Although many hotels are scattered all over Batu, you might prefer to stay at Pohon Inn, a three-star hotel within the Jatim Park 2 complex. The backside of this hotel is facing Batu Secret Zoo. Hence, the hotel guests can see the wildlife from their room balconies. The hotel restaurant also has a big window facing the zoo, so it looks like the animals accompany the guests dining there. 

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Explore Batu Secret Zoo | One of the best zoos in Indonesia | #ExploreSunda
Explore Museum Satwa at Jatim Park 2 | See thousands of preserved animals in dioramas that look like their real habitats | #ExploreSunda
Explore Batu Secret Zoo | One of the best zoos in Indonesia | #ExploreSunda
Have fun in Jatim Park 2 [Jawa Timur Park 2] | Get on fun rides, walk in the horror house, see wild animals in Batu Secret Zoo and the preserved ones in Museum Satwa | #ExploreSunda

Directions to Jawa Timur Park 2

The address of Jatim Park 2 is at Jalan Oro-oro Ombo No 9 Kota Wisata Batu, East Java.The GPS coordinates are 7°53'16.8"S 112°31'46.4"E (-7.888005, 112.529566). The closest city to the town of Batu is Malang, which is approximately nineteen kilometers away. Travel to Malang is easy and can be done by car, train, or airplane. While several airlines serve flights to Malang, you will get more choices and schedules if you fly to Surabaya first. Then, you can take a two-hour train to Malang or rent a car and drive directly to Batu.

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