Eco Green Park
Green Living in Batu, East Java

Eco Green Park is the largest ecosystem park in Indonesia, mostly covered with big trees and greenery, where you can have a fun family vacation while learning about ecology and green living. It offers many things to see and do. Starting from its ornaments that are scattered around the park. If you look closely, they are made of waste. For example, a dragon made of used mineral water bottles, a human or robot made of 1,001 broken cell phones, and hundreds of broken televisions assembled as an elephant. 

There will be a lot of walks to explore this six-hectare park, but don't worry if you are not too eager to walk that far. Renting an e-bike is the solution. It is fun to ride it, although the rental is a bit expensive, Rp. 150,000 for three hours.

The Music Plaza at Eco Green Park, where you play music by shooting water to the instruments.The Music Plaza, where you play music by shooting water to the instruments.

Highlights of Eco Green Park

Opening Hours:



Rp. 55,000

Fri-Sun, Public Holiday:
Rp. 75,000

Eco Green Park is dedicated to both learning and entertainment, as reflected in its motto: "Fun and Study." The park offers three kinds of attractions: educational, games, and displays. These features are all integrated throughout the park, with no clear path from entrance to exit. Navigating the park can feel like a labyrinth with multiple paths to choose from.

The first exhibit is the Insectarium, with the scorpions as the welcoming party. A staff will introduce you to these scorpions. They still look deadly, although their toxic had been removed. You will find more insects inside the insectarium, both alive and preserved, including the walking sticks, the adorable pet of Newt Scamander, the magizoologist in the Fantastic Beasts movies. These insects are all exotics in their own way.

At Eco Green Park, you will find an extensive variety of birds, each with their own spacious habitat.

The Walking Bird Habitat is home to ostriches, peacocks, and storks who leisurely walk around their designated areas. You even can take pictures with these beautiful peacocks! However, you won't find any white peacocks here as they have their own home on the other side of the park.

Pheasant World is where the Golden Pheasant and the Lady Amherst Pheasant will amaze you with their colorful feathers. Here, roosters and hens guide their chicks unalarmed with the closeness to the visitors.

Meet many varieties of curved-bill birds, such as cockatoos and macaws, with their distinctive colorful feathers in the World of Parrots. Every big cage is occupied by a pair of parrots. The rows of these cages seem endless. We, at, believe the parrot collection of Eco Green Park is the best that we have seen in Indonesia. Here, you also have a chance to take pictures with some of them.

Eco Green Park also has a collection of an endangered bird native from Indonesia: the Bird of Paradise, also known as Cendrawasih in Bahasa Indonesia. They live in a habitat called The Exotic Bird of Paradise.

Since owls are nocturnal creatures, their exhibits are located in an indoor area known as the Owl House. The inside is kept dark to ensure the owls' comfort.

As you continue exploring Eco Green Park, you'll discover more bird habitats to admire. Eagle Park is particularly noteworthy as it's home to many birds of prey, including eagles. The Penguin Show, a more recent addition to the park, is also a must-see attraction. Another habitat to visit is Budgeriger, where you'll find a variety of colorful parakeets, also known as Burung Kesturi in Bahasa Indonesia. Pigeons World, or Merpati Dunia, is a dedicated habitat for pigeons. Eco Green Park also has a collection of hornbills – enggang or rangkong in Bahasa Indonesia, a protected bird species native to Indonesia. Finally, our favorite: the Duck Kingdom! It houses various types of ducks and swans, and you can purchase fish food to feed them.

There are at least five photo spots in Eco Green Park, where you can take pictures with some of these exotic birds, and three bird shows, where you can see eagles, hornbills, parrots, chickens, and waterfowl perform. Another fun thing to do here is to feed these birds!

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Explore Eco Green Park in Batu, East Java | Take pictures with varieties of beautiful birds | Learn the green living | Have fun take rides in the park | Watch the story of Hanoman | #ExploreSunda
Explore Eco Green Park in Batu, East Java | Take pictures with varieties of beautiful birds | Learn the green living | Have fun take rides in the park | Watch the story of Hanoman | #ExploreSunda
Explore Eco Green Park in Batu, East Java | Take pictures with varieties of beautiful birds | Learn the green living | Have fun take rides in the park | Watch the story of Hanoman | #ExploreSunda
Explore Eco Green Park in Batu, East Java | Watch the story of Hanoman | Take pictures with varieties of beautiful birds | Learn the green living | Have fun take rides in the park | #ExploreSunda

The second part of this park’s attractions is the learning zone, where the trained staff will introduce you to things that are related to the green-living lifestyle. They will show you how to process animal waste into biogas and organic garbage into compost. You also can learn how to process milk and grow hydroponic strawberries, mushrooms, and vegetables. You can even gain knowledge about medicinal plants, locally known as Toga (Tanaman Obat Keluarga in Bahasa Indonesia).

You might wonder why a miniature of the Prambanan temple is inside the Eco Green Park? It turns out to be the Eco Science Center, where you can experience simulators of earthquakes, winds, and the cold temperature of the underground mine. Other simulators in Eco Green Park are the power plants. They are a micro-hydroelectric (a small-size hydroelectric power plant that uses the natural flow of water as its source of energy), a hydroelectric, and an electric steam power plant.

Pass through the obstacles in Water Outbound or get wet! :) – Eco Green ParkPass through the obstacles in Water Outbound or get wet! :)

In between exhibits and learning, you will still have fun playing games :) First, play music by shooting water to the instruments installed in Music Plaza. In The Jungle Adventure, you will ride a car and shoot the poachers, while you will go on a boat ride to kill the pests in Kendali Hama.  If your children love water so much, they might want to try the Water Outbound, where they will walk through obstacles. Whenever they fail, they will fall into the pond and get really wet. Or explore Rumah Terbalik (Upside-down House in English). Everything in this house is put upside down. Unfortunately, I felt dizzy after a while.

One attraction we recommend to watch is the story of Hanoman in the Dome Multimedia. Unlike a typical movie theater, here you must stand at all times in the center of the dome. Once the film begins, the entire interior walls of the dome transform to become the screen. It is fun to watch the scenes unfold all around you! :)

One final ride before you exit Eco Green Park is the Eco Journey. It is a relaxing ride to see dioramas exhibiting the journey of humankind from prehistoric to modern times.

Feeling exhausted from exploring the park? Why not take a break at the food court? You'll be delighted by the performances like dancing and singing that happen there. Also, there are many snack shops located throughout the park.

How to go to Eco Green Park.

Eco Green Park is located at Oro-oro Ombo Street No 9A, Kota Wisata Batu in East Java. The GPS coordinates are 7°53'15.8"S 112°31'35.9"E (-7.887733, 112.526632). If you are staying at the Pohon Inn hotel, you can take advantage of a complimentary shuttle service. If you are staying at other hotels in Batu, the easiest way to get to Eco Green Park is by using a taxi or ride-sharing service like Grab or Gojek.

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