Kidzania Jakarta

Kidzania is a children playground to play pretend. It looks like a small city complete with all of the amenities and facilities designed with children in mind. No wonder hundreds of children love to play here everyday.

The main square of Kidzania Jakarta.

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?


Pacific Place Mall
6th floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman, Kav.52

Opening hours:

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu:
9am-4pm (1 session)

Fri, Sat, Sun,
Public holidays:
9am-2pm (1st session)
3pm-8pm (2nd session)

This is the all time classic question that keeps us wondering what are the options out there anyway?

To some extent Kidzania enlightens children on the available professions in the real life. It is set up as a city with many business establishments that look like small shops.

In each business establishment, the children can apply for a job. For example:

  • Work as a pilot who might land or crash the airplane
  • Work as a nurse in the hospital.
  • Work as a baker to bake cookies, nuggets, noodle or chocolate.
  • Work as a firefighter to put off fire in the burnt building.
  • Work as a policeman to catch a bad guy.
  • Work as a pharmacist who grind and mix medicine.
  • Work as a scientist to identify good bacteria using a microscope.
  • Work as a cashier or delivery girl/boy in a minimart.

The children also can apply for simple jobs such as window cleaners and shoe polishers :)

Going to theater in Kidzania Jakarta.
Streets of Kidzania Jakarta.

Usually children are very eager to apply and perform the jobs, because each business has all the facilities required to fulfill the task, so it looks like real life.

Therefore, the streets are always crowded with people, in addition to the noisy buses, taxis, ambulance, fire engine, and police car. 

Have Fun in Kidzania!

Since Kidzania is designed like an independent tiny country, you must go through ‘immigration’ complete with a security check at the entrance gates. 

Each child receives 50 Kidzos (Kidzanian money) in the form of a cheque. Thus, the next step is going to the bank to disburse the cheque into Kidzos cash.

Kidzos, the currency in Kidzania Jakarta.
Work as paramedics in Kidzania Jakarta.

Children can use the money inside Kidzania to pay for taxi or bus fares, participate in motorcycle or car races, apply for a driver license, etc.

Once a kid has a driver license, s/he are allowed to join either car or bike race, depending on the driver license s/he has. This race is one of the most favorite games here, and it is held only few times a day, hence, the queue is long. Therefore, it is important to apply for the right driver license to avoid any disappointment ;)

Car racing in Kidzania Jakarta.
Work at the gas station in Kidzania Jakarta.

You only need to apply once for each driver license, because next time you come here, you can use it again. So keep the driver license in good care, otherwise you have to reapply if you lost it (which requires time and Kidzos).

What if the children run out of money? Then it's time to work ;)

Some jobs, such as pilots or firemen, are more favorite than others, resulting in long queue. So, you should manage your time wisely, otherwise you will only pass the time on queuing.

Similar to the real life, the salaries offered by each job varies. Some jobs, such as home appliance technician and pharmacist, pay as high as 20 Kidzos, but jobs such as pilot and window cleaner, pay as low as 5 Kidzos. Other jobs, such as working in nugget, noodle, towel, pizza and chocolate factories pay with some Kidzos and sponsored products. The information on how much the payment, how long the game will be, and how much longer you have to queue are available at the front door of every workshop.

Work as window cleaners in Kidzania Jakarta.
Work as pharmacists in Kidzania Jakarta.

In my experience, you will not be able to do all the works offered in one session. It because most of the pretend play takes approximately 20 minutes per group, plus queuing time.

Anyway, children always have their favorite play pretends, hence, no matter how many times they visit Kidzania, they keep queuing in the same places and reluctant to try other professions.

As a children city, only the children can play pretend, adults are not allowed to enter the premise of each business establishment. You can only wait and watch the children through the glass walls. Each business establishment has hosts who will guide the children throughout the activities. It is a good thing because children will learn to be independent. Hence, I think the most appropriate age where children can enjoy playing pretend here is above 6 years old. Nevertheless, children of 2-3 years old can have fun too, they can play at Urbano’s House. This is the only place in this children city where parents can accompany their children.

Although you can directly buy tickets in the ticket booths near the entrance to Kidzania, often you can get a better deal by buying the tickets online. If you prefer to queue in front of the ticket booths, it opens 30 minutes before the opening hour (i.e. 8.30am). However, considering the number of visitors play here everyday, the queue is long and takes some time.

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Have fun in Kidzania Jakarta | The children city where children can play pretend | Try as many professions as your children want | #ExploreSunda #Kidzania
Have fun in Kidzania Jakarta | The children city where children can play pretend | Try as many professions as your children want | #ExploreSunda #Kidzania
Have fun in Kidzania Jakarta | The children city where children can play pretend | Try as many professions as your children want | #ExploreSunda #Kidzania

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