Among Putro Skyworld
in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Among Putro Skyworld Indonesia is one of the two planetariums in Jakarta. In addition to the digital planetarium, it also provides a lot of information regarding space, stars, the related technology, even the local legends from all over Indonesia. We also can have fun in watching the 5D cinema, play water in the waterpark, do rock climbing, jump on the trampoline and young children can play in the playground. For additional ticket, we can play the sky laser tag! 

Let's explore them all :)

Top 4 things to do in Among Putro Skyworld TMII

1. Peruse The Space Edu

Have you ever wondered what is in the space? This section of Skyworld will show us what has been done over the years in the field of astronomy. 

The first displays are folklores from all over Indonesia. It seems each region has its own interpretation of who lives in the space. For example: 

  • Halo Na Godang, a legend from Batak, North Sumatera. The story is about a shepherd who fought a dragon that ate the moon. The dragon represented the constellation of Orion, while the story itself is about the relation of Orion to the phases of the moon.
  • Kilip and the moon princess from Dayak Benuaq, East Kalimantan. Once upon a time, Kilip played a traditional string instrument called Sampek. At the same time, Raha the giant intended to eat the princess from moon. It turned out that Raha was afraid to the sound of Sampek, hence, the moon princess was saved. In return, every full moon the princess will accompany Kilip plays Sampek, so he won't be lonely anymore. This is how Dayak people comprehend the lunar eclipse and phases of the moon.
Archaeoastronomy in Among Putro Skyworld, TMII

Next is the display of Archeoastronomy. It is the mix of archaeology and astronomy, how people all over the world create structures in relation to the space. For example, the famous Stonehenge in England, Choco Canyon in New Mexico, Chichen Itza in Mexico, Great Pyramid in Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, Apollo Patraos temple in Greek, Virupaksha temple in India, and Cheomseongdae in Korea. Sukuh temple in Central Java is an example from Indonesia. Its truncated pyramid shape is similar to the structures in Central and South America. People reported they see a beam of light radiated from this temple to the sky. This phenomenon is still a mystery.

Walking further inside the Skyworld, we will find the modern astronomy. One of the eye catching display is the star map, which mapping 2,844 stars, plus nebulae and star clusters that can be seen by the unaided eye.

Star Map in Among Putro Skyworld, TMII
Constellations in Among Putro Skyworld, TMII

The modern astronomy has many more explanations. It has explanations of lunar and solar eclipses, the black hole, the worm hole and supernova (the end of a star) phenomenons. One of the monitor shows how people connected a group of stars to form a shape and create a constellation. We also can see the display of a meteorite, telescopes and many more.

Rockets in Among Putro Skyworld, TMII
A space shuttle in Among Putro Skyworld, TMII
Apollo Lunar Module in Among Putro Skyworld, TMII

In the center of the building, there's a replica of a space shuttle, complete with its control room. There are several short recordings of the communication in the control room, so we can play pretend to launch a spaceship! 

A replica of control room in Among Putro Skyworld, TMII

On the way down we will pass a wall full with posters of the great astronomers of all time.

However, most of the information here is in bahasa Indonesia.

2. Watch the digital planetarium

The digital planetarium of Skyworld TMII is located behind the main building. It looks like a round cinema. They use cinema seats, but the screen looks like a dome. First, the host will explain about the sky at current time, then he will show us what it looks like in the morning. After that, a short movie about our solar system (the sun and its planets) plays. All explanations are in bahasa Indonesia. I'm not sure why but the images were reflected poorly on the screen, they are blur all the time. I really hope Skyworld will fix that soon. Anyway, the show time in this digital planetarium are several times a day, each approximately 30 minutes, so don't miss it.

3. Join the ride at 5D cinema

Next to the digital planetarium are two small rooms, each has several seats complete with the seatbelts. This is the 5D cinema. A very short movie is played here, approximately 5 minutes only, but it's full of motions. It feels like we become the character of the movie, we jump, fly, glide, etc, following the story. Although in reality we only sit, put the seatbelt on, and wear a special glasses for 3D, then our sit will move accordingly. It's really fun!

4. Play the Sky Laser Tag

Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 9am-5pm

Weekends: 8am-5pm

National Holiday: 8am-5pm

Skyworld Ticket:

Rp. 70,000

Sky Laser Tag Ticket:

Rp. 35,000

The saying of "the more is merrier" is definitely works for this game. Our group will be divided into 2 groups and we wear a special vest equipped with a laser gun. Each team has different lights on the vest: blue or green. Each person has to shoot his/her enemies from the opposite team on the lights of their vest. Once he/she was hit, his/her lights will be off for a couple seconds. When their lights on again, they can shoot or be shot again. 

We play in the dark room, with lots of room dividers to hide from enemies. Hence, the lights on our vest are very visible. 

One ticket for one period of 15 minutes. When we keep running and ducking in a dark and warm room, 15 minutes seem a long time to win ;-)

At the end of the game, the result will be displayed on the tv in the lobby. Then we can brag our skills :)

Waterpark in Among Putro Skyworld, TMII

Although it's not related to space and astronomy, Among Putro Skyworld has a waterpark, a small playground, a wall climbing and a trampoline. They are already included in the entrance ticket.

Among Putro Skyworld is only one facility in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). There are many more to be explored in TMII, such as the museums, pavilions, science centers, bird parks, and Snowbay Waterpark.

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