How to Say in Indonesia Language

Imagine if you can say in Indonesia language, then your vacations will be more fun. You can greet people you meet with Indonesian language, which shows your respect. Even you can survive during your shopping, whenever the seller can’t speak English. So, learn a little bit of Indonesia language will give you an advantage.

Greetings in Indonesia Language

I believe greetings are the most basic communication we do, especially when we travel. We can smile and greet each other, in the hotel, restaurant, park, etc. and for me it always makes my day.

We have similar greetings to English, they are:

Good morning = Selamat pagi
Good afternoon = Selamat siang
Good evening = Selamat malam
Good night = Selamat tidur

In addition we also say Selamat sore. We use it for late afternoon, approximately at 3 pm until sunset, which is around 6 pm.

When we meet friends we also ask how they are doing. The Indonesian phrase for How are you? is Apa kabar?

Say in Indonesia at Marketplace

I feel it’s more fun to shop in the traditional market or art market or little shop than in duty free shops or department stores, because often they have unique handmade souvenirs that are not available in the big stores. Unfortunately, many of the sellers can’t speak English. So, the first question will always be:

How much is the price? = Berapa harganya?

Most of the time you can bargain in those shops. You can ask them to lower the price or the simplest question is to ask for a discount. It’s because we use the same word discount (Indonesian word = diskon), so the sellers will immediately understand what you are asking. Even I often see the seller brings out a calculator to show the price there and the buyer negotiates by typing in new price there.

In terms of price, here are the numbers we say in Indonesia:

One = Satu
Two = Dua
Three = Tiga
Four = Empat
Five = Lima
Six = Enam
Seven = Tujuh
Eight = Delapan

Nine = Sembilan
Ten = Sepuluh
Eleven = Sebelas
Fifty = Lima puluh
One Hundred = Seratus
One Thousand = Seribu
One Million = Satu juta

We use belas for the teens in English, for example Twelve = Dua belas, Thirteen = Tiga belas, etc.
Now you only need to assemble the figures to call the price. For example, if the price is Rp. 257,500 then you say Dua ratus lima puluh tujuh ribu lima ratus rupiah.
Or it will be easier for you to bring a piece of paper and a pen or a calculator, so you don’t have to say it.

The last word I would like to introduce, but a very important word is Terimakasih, which is the Indonesian word for thank you. But don’t worry if you can’t pronounce or remember this long word, many Indonesian understand thank you. The most important thing is the sincerity when you say it.

I hope you have the chance to practice these Indonesian words when you travel Indonesia, or explore Sunda, or perhaps meet some Indonesian in your country.

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