Bogor Presidential Palace

Bogor Presidential Palace is adjacent to Bogor Botanical Garden.

This presidential palace has always become the landmark of Bogor. It lies in the heart of the city, surrounded by hundred years old trees. You can see the palace either from the sidewalk on Jalak Harupat street and Juanda street or from the inside of Bogor botanical garden.

The history of this palace started way back in 1744, during Dutch colonization. At that time the Governor General Gustaaf Willem Baron van Imhoff started to build a palace in Bogor, which was still called Buitenzorg. This palace has a huge backyard, which is now becoming the current Bogor botanical garden. 

It was a great three-story palace, similar to European palace. Many Dutch and British governors lived in this palace, until an earthquake caused by the eruption of mount Salak in 1834 destroyed it. In 1850 this palace was rebuilt to its current look. 

Presently, it is one of the six presidential palaces in Indonesia. The current president of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo and his wife reside here.

Bogor Presidential Palace is adjacent to Bogor Botanical Garden.
Bogor Presidential Palace is adjacent to Bogor Botanical Garden.

The more permanent residence of this palace is the deer! They were brought in from Nepal along time ago and now they become the icon of the palace. These deer are free to roam in the front yard, so people can easily spot them from the street. Nowadays many people come near to the palace’s fence just to feed them. If you are interested in feeding them, bring some carrots. Or, you can easily find several carrot sellers in this street on weekends.

You can visit Bogor presidential palace by writing a request letter to Sekretariat Negara. Of course this protocol takes sometime. Once a year this palace holds an open house, when everyone may come and take a look around. This event is held during the anniversarry of Bogor around May.

Directions to Bogor Presidential Palace

With Jagorawi toll road as the starting point, turn right at the stop light to enter Pajajaran street. Go straight in this street passing a couple traffic lights, then you will see Bogor palace on your left. The most convenient parking lot nearby is inside the Bogor botanical garden, since both are in the same block. You even can enjoy the view of the Presidential Palace from inside Bogor Botanical Garden.

To find the Bogor botanical garden entrance, you only need to go straight for several meters, then you will see the botanical garden on your left, then follow the street circling the garden. The botanical garden entrance is on the other side at Oto Iskandardinata street.

You are allowed to drive inside the botanical garden during weekdays (Monday-Saturday), so you can park the car near the palace fence or in front of the lotus pond.

View Bogor Botanical Garden and Presidential Palace in a larger map

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View of Bogor Presidential Palace from the inside of the Bogor Botanical Garden | #ExploreSunda #Bogor #PresidentialPalace
View of Bogor Presidential Palace from the inside of the Bogor Botanical Garden | #ExploreSunda #Bogor #PresidentialPalace
View of Bogor Presidential Palace from the inside of the Bogor Botanical Garden | #ExploreSunda #Bogor #PresidentialPalace

As I mentioned above, this Presidential Palace is inside the Bogor Botanical Garden complex. Hence, it is much more convenient to see it from the botanical garden. 

Do you know that the other two presidential palaces are also located in the land of Sunda? One is right in front of Monas [National Monument] in the heart of Jakarta and the other one is in Cipanas, Puncak Pass.

Bogor Botanical Garden.
Puncak Pass.
De Voyage - Bogor.

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