Family Vacations to Kawah Putih
and Situ Patengan in Ciwidey, Bandung

Ciwidey is a small town in southern Bandung. It is the gateway to the beautiful highland on the slope of mount Patuha.

For years, the top two places of interests in this area are:

  • Kawah Putih (White Crater)
  • Situ (lake) Patengan

We, at the, still believe that they are the must visit places. On top of that, there are newer fun activities too, since this area has developed into an attractive tourist destinations. For example, we can self picking strawberries in the many strawberry farms, walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery of tea plantations or we can just relax and treat ourselves in the resorts.

So, let's start our adventure!

First Stop: Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih - Ciwidey, Bandung

Kawah Putih, or White Crater in English, is one of Sunda's hidden gem. It is a beautiful volcanic lake, located approximately 47 km south of Bandung.

The view of the crater is amazing: from the mix of white and greenish color of the lake, the white sandy beach, to the limestone cliffs. Even some trees can grow in this crater.

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Next: Situ Patengan

Situ Patengan - Ciwidey, Bandung

Continuing our journey, we will pass tea plantation and at the end of the road we will arrive at Situ (lake) Patengan, which also known as Situ Patenggang. It is a favorite family vacations destination in Sunda, due to its beautiful scenery.

Tea plantation that looks like a green carpet covering the hills, surrounded this lake. Together with the pine forest and the greenish lake they form a very beautiful and relaxing view.

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Fun Activity: Strawberry Picking

The cool weather in the slope of mount Patuha is perfect for strawberry farms. Hence, there are many strawberry farms here, but they are all will be crowded during weekend and holidays. So, you'd better come early.

The farmer will give you a basket and you can pick the strawberry by yourself. The price is more expensive than buying them in the store, but strawberry picking is always fun, especially for children.

Traditional Snack From Ciwidey

There are several traditional snacks you can only find in Ciwidey. First snack is sweets made of orange skin. It is called 'kalua jeruk'.

Next snack is 'berondong jagung' (pop corn ball). It is pop corn glued together with palm sugar.

Since there are many strawberry farms in this area, we also can buy stawberry sweets called dodol strawberry, made of sticky rice, sugar and strawberry juice.

Meal and Accommodation

Several years ago, the only recommended restaurant and hotel in this area was only Sindang Reret. But today, there are so many options we can choose: spend a night in the villas, hotels and motels, guest houses and inns. There are at least two resorts here.

One of them is Ciwidey Valley Resort. It is very easy to reach because the location is on the side of the main road and close to Kawah Putih. It has a small water park with warm water from the nearby hot spring and a playground with a small labyrinth. We can choose to stay in the 2 story hotel or in tents. They are not normal size camping tents, the size of each tent is similar to a hotel room.

Although Sindang Reret hotel looks outdated compared with the newer hotels and resorts, the sundanese food here is still recommended. One of their specialty is 'Gepuk'. Gepuk is sliced beef, spiced, and then cooked for hours until tender. The taste is rather sweet.

If you like spicy food, you can try sundanese salad named karedok. Karedok consists of raw vegetables such as cucumber, string beans, eggplant and cabbage with oncom sauce. Oncom is made of beans fermented with fungi, which you can only find in Sunda. If you prefer cooked vegetables, you can order gado-gado, which comprises cooked cabbage, string bean, bean sprouts, boiled egg and potato, fried tofu and tempe with peanut sauce.

How to Go to Ciwidey, Kawah Putih, Situ Patengan

This highland is approximately 50 km southwest Bandung. The easiest way to go there is via toll road and exit at Kopo. So, if you enter the toll road from Padalarang, Pasteur, Cimahi and Pasirkoja, you should choose direction to Cileunyi and exit at Kopo. This is the first exit after Pasirkoja. If you come from other access, such as Cileunyi, Buahbatu, and Moh. Toha, then you should choose direction to Padalarang and exit at Kopo.

Once you have paid the toll fee, turn right at the stop light, then you only need to follow the road until you reach the town of Soreang then Ciwidey. Continue driving for several kilometers to reach Kawah Putih entrance on the left side of the road.

If you continue following the main road, then you will pass many strawberry farms, Sindang Reret restaurant, tea plantations and Situ Patengan at the end of the road.

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One last tip before you go to Ciwidey, Kawah Putih and Situ Patengan: don’t forget to bring your jacket, since the cold wind makes it quite freezing up there.

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