Shopping Mall in Tangerang Selatan

Nowadays shopping mall in Tangerang Selatan has become a necessity, because Tangerang Selatan is one of the prominent satellite cities of Jakarta. Many people live here and commute to Jakarta everyday.

Favorite Shopping Mall in Tangerang Selatan

Having several favorite shopping malls in Tangerang Selatan, we will cover four malls in this page:

Then in the next page we will explore:

AEON Mall BSD City

We start our trip with AEON Mall at BSD (Bumi Serpong Damai) City. It was opened in June 2015. Since then it is the most crowded mall in Tangerang Selatan, especially during weekends.

Many restaurants and food stalls occupy the ground floor and third floor. It has 2 food courts: the Japanese food court on the ground floor and the Indonesian food court on the third floor.

The tenants of this mall are various, from Uniqlo fashion store to book store such as Gramedia and Books and Beyond, from JYSK (the household goods store) to Cinema XXI, from Celebrity Fitness to gadget stores such as Erafone and Fujifilm Digital Imaging, from hair salon to travel bureau, not to mention many smaller shops scattered all over the mall. It really caters to the whole family needs.

In addition to this shopping experience, AEON Mall BSD City has two unique attractions. They are:

  • Magic Fountain. It is an open area with many lights and water holes. The fountain, lights and music plays every hour starting 12pm on weekends and 5pm on weekdays. Usually many children wait impatiently around the fountain. As soon as the fountain is on, they run excitedly and have fun playing water in the middle of the fountain!
  • Sakura Illumination Park, the outdoor garden on the front lawn of AEON Mall. When the dusk is approaching, the garden starts to lit up with lots and lots of lights. It is visitors’ favorite place to take pictures :) We can enjoy it from 6pm until 10pm.
International Convention Exhibition - ICE at BSD City

Closed to AEON Mall is a new convention center named ICE - International Convention Exhibition. Many events held here, from trades such as auto show and pet exhibition to performances such as ice skating show and concerts.

Gramedia World BSD City

As one of the biggest book retailers in Indonesia, Gramedia group will spoil book lovers with the opening of Gramedia World Building in BSD City. The top level of this building is completely dedicated for books, so we will find thousands of books here.

Exploring Gramedia World BSD City is like walking through any other Gramedia stores in other malls, but the volume of the goods are more than triple. Thus, we will find stationaries, toys, school bags, backpacks, camping gears, and fancy stuffs among things sold here.

Summarecon Mall Serpong - SMS

Summarecon Mall Serpong - SMS

Located in the heart of Gading Serpong residences (consists of Summarecon and Paramount Serpong), Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS) has a huge visitors everyday especially during weekends. It’s because we can go shopping from clothing to household items, stationery, books and electronic gadgets, then we can choose from Indonesian to western or Chinese cuisine, and we can entertain ourselves in the cinema or in the game centers: Timezone and Circus Town.

The main tenants of SMS are Star department store, Centro department store, Best Denky, and Gramedia. We also can go shopping in the many smaller specialty shops and boutiques.

We can indulge ourselves with delicious treats in the many restaurants and cafes. They are either in the outdoor called Downtown Walk, or indoor in ground floor and in the second floor. If you come with a group of friends with different tastes, you may find the food court called Food Temptation is more suitable, since you can order many different foods and dine together.

The Downtown Walk has 2 stages for performances, such as band and school concert during weekends and holidays. The cafes and restaurant here open until late at night, especially on Saturday nights.

Another perk in SMS is going to a cinema. Not only an ordinary cinemas, but it has an IMAX, where we can watch 3D movies.

One special event that you should not miss is feeding Koi fish. We, at the, believe that the Koi pond is the special highlight of Summarecon Mall Serpong. Please note that we are not allowed to throw any food in the pond. However, there are scheduled feeding time, which is twice every weekday or thrice every weekend when the keeper will give away fish food to visitors so we can feed those hungry fish. Many children wait impatiently to feed them :)

Summarecon Digital Center - SDC

Summarecon Digital Center - SDC

SDC is the latest shopping mall from Summarecon group in Tangerang Selatan. As the name implies, it focuses on selling digital gadgets, such as computers, laptop, tablet and smartphones. Since it is relatively new, some of the spaces are still empty.

There is a small foodcourt in the upper floor, or we can dine in at some restaurants facing the open space where there are two outdoor stages.

Adjacent to SDC is a park called Scientia Square Park. It is an outdoor playground and park where children can play. We can rent inline skates, and skate board. Or we can try to do wall climbing. We can see rice field, corn field, and fish ponds. It also has a small butterfly park, unfortunately when we were there, the butterflies and caterpillars are scarce. There are tracks for remote control cars, both for the off road truck and racing cars. Overall, it’s refreshing to have an outdoor space where the whole family can enjoy playing together.

Next, we are going to the other side of Tangerang Selatan: Alam Sutera and Bintaro residences. Let’s explore other favorite shopping mall there:

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